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STR_String Class Reference

#include <STR_String.h>

Inherited by STR_HashedString.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Smart String Value class. Is used by parser when an expression tree is build containing string.

Definition at line 64 of file STR_String.h.

Public Member Functions

STR_StringCapitalize ()
void Clear ()
int Compare (rcSTR_String rhs) const
int CompareNoCase (rcSTR_String rhs) const
vector< STR_StringExplode (char c) const
int Find (rcSTR_String str, int pos=0) const
int Find (const char *str, int pos=0) const
int Find (char c, int pos=0) const
int FindOneOf (const char *set, int pos=0) const
STR_StringFormat (const char *fmt,...)
STR_StringFormatAdd (const char *fmt,...)
char GetAt (int pos) const
bool IsEmpty () const
bool IsEqual (rcSTR_String rhs) const
bool IsEqualNoCase (rcSTR_String rhs) const
bool IsLower () const
bool IsUpper () const
STR_String Left (int num) const
int Length () const
STR_StringLower ()
STR_String Mid (int pos, int num=INT_MAX) const
 operator const char * () const
rcSTR_String operator+= (char rhs)
rcSTR_String operator+= (rcSTR_String rhs)
rcSTR_String operator+= (const char *rhs)
rcSTR_String operator= (const char *rhs)
rcSTR_String operator= (char rhs)
rcSTR_String operator= (rcSTR_String rhs)
rcSTR_String operator= (const byte *rhs)
char * Ptr ()
const char * ReadPtr () const
void Replace (int pos, int num, rcSTR_String str)
void Replace (int pos, rcSTR_String str)
const STR_StringReverse ()
int RFind (char c) const
int RFindOneOf (const char *set, int pos=0) const
STR_String Right (int num) const
void SetAt (int pos, int num, rcSTR_String str)
void SetAt (int pos, rcSTR_String str)
void SetAt (int pos, char c)
STR_StringSetLength (int len)
 STR_String (double val)
 STR_String (float val)
 STR_String (dword val)
 STR_String (int val)
 STR_String (const char *src1, int src1_len, const char *src2, int src2_len)
 STR_String (const STR_String &str, int len)
 STR_String (const STR_String &str)
 STR_String (const char *str, int len)
 STR_String (const char *str)
 STR_String (char c, int len)
 STR_String (char c)
 STR_String ()
float ToFloat () const
int ToInt () const
STR_StringTrim (char *set)
STR_StringTrim ()
STR_StringTrimLeft (char *set)
STR_StringTrimLeft ()
STR_StringTrimQuotes ()
STR_StringTrimRight (char *set)
STR_StringTrimRight ()
STR_StringUpper ()

Protected Member Functions

void AllocBuffer (int len, bool keep_contents)
rcSTR_String Concat (const char *data, int len)
rcSTR_String Copy (const char *src, int len)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool isLower (char c)
static bool isSpace (char c)
static bool isUpper (char c)

Protected Attributes

int Len
int Max
char * pData


bool operator!= (const char *lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator!= (rcSTR_String lhs, const char *rhs)
bool operator!= (rcSTR_String lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator< (const char *lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator< (rcSTR_String lhs, const char *rhs)
bool operator< (rcSTR_String lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator<= (const char *lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator<= (rcSTR_String lhs, const char *rhs)
bool operator<= (rcSTR_String lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator== (const char *lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator== (rcSTR_String lhs, const char *rhs)
bool operator== (rcSTR_String lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator> (const char *lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator> (rcSTR_String lhs, const char *rhs)
bool operator> (rcSTR_String lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator>= (const char *lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)
bool operator>= (rcSTR_String lhs, const char *rhs)
bool operator>= (rcSTR_String lhs, rcSTR_String rhs)

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