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SG_Node Class Reference

#include <SG_Node.h>

Inheritance diagram for SG_Node:

SG_Spatial SG_IObject

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Scenegraph node.

Definition at line 40 of file SG_Node.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddChild (SG_Node *child)
void AddSGController (SG_Controller *cont)
SG_BBoxBBox ()
void ClearSGChildren ()
bool ComputeWorldTransforms (const SG_Spatial *parent)
void Destruct ()
void DisconnectFromParent ()
void getAABBox (MT_Point3 *box) const
void getBBox (MT_Point3 *box) const
const MT_Matrix3x3GetLocalOrientation () const
const MT_Point3GetLocalPosition () const
const MT_Vector3GetLocalScale () const
const SG_NodeGetRootSGParent () const
const NodeList & GetSGChildren () const
NodeList & GetSGChildren ()
const void * GetSGClientObject () const
void * GetSGClientObject ()
SGControllerList & GetSGControllerList ()
 Needed for replication.
SG_NodeGetSGParent () const
SG_NodeGetSGReplica ()
const MT_Matrix3x3GetWorldOrientation () const
const MT_Point3GetWorldPosition () const
const MT_Vector3GetWorldScaling () const
MT_Transform GetWorldTransform () const
bool inside (const MT_Point3 &point) const
bool IsVertexParent ()
MT_Scalar Radius () const
void RelativeRotate (const MT_Matrix3x3 &rot, bool local)
void RelativeScale (const MT_Vector3 &scale)
void RelativeTranslate (const MT_Vector3 &trans, const SG_Spatial *parent, bool local)
void RemoveAllControllers ()
void RemoveChild (SG_Node *child)
void SetBBox (SG_BBox &bbox)
void SetControllerTime (double time)
void SetLocalOrientation (const MT_Matrix3x3 &rot)
void SetLocalPosition (const MT_Point3 &trans)
void SetLocalScale (const MT_Vector3 &scale)
void SetParentRelation (SG_ParentRelation *relation)
void SetRadius (MT_Scalar radius)
void SetSGClientObject (void *clientObject)
void SetSGParent (SG_Node *parent)
void SetSimulatedTime (double time, bool recurse)
void SetVertexParent (bool isvertexparent)
void SetWorldOrientation (const MT_Matrix3x3 &rot)
void SetWorldPosition (const MT_Point3 &trans)
void SetWorldScale (const MT_Vector3 &scale)
 SG_Node (const SG_Node &other)
 SG_Node (void *clientobj, void *clientinfo, SG_Callbacks callbacks)
void UpdateWorldData (double time)

Protected Member Functions

void ActivateDestructionCallback ()
void ActivateReplicationCallback (SG_IObject *replica)
void ActivateUpdateTransformCallback ()
bool UpdateSpatialData (const SG_Spatial *parent, double time)

Protected Attributes

SG_BBox m_bbox
MT_Point3 m_localPosition
MT_Matrix3x3 m_localRotation
MT_Vector3 m_localScaling
SG_ParentRelation * m_parent_relation
MT_Scalar m_radius
MT_Point3 m_worldPosition
MT_Matrix3x3 m_worldRotation
MT_Vector3 m_worldScaling

Private Member Functions

void ProcessSGReplica (SG_Node *replica)

Private Attributes

NodeList m_children


class SG_Controller

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