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Render::RenderData Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The RenderData object
This object gives access to Scene rendering contexts in Blender.
@ivar unified: Unified Renderer enabled.  
Also see B{UNIFIED} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type unified: boolean
@ivar renderwinSize: Size of the rendering window. Valid values are 25, 50,
75, or 100.
@type renderwinSize: int
@ivar xParts: Number of horizontal parts for image render.
Values are clamped to the range [2,512].
@type xParts: int
@ivar fieldRendering: Field rendering enabled. 
Also see B{FIELDRENDER} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type fieldRendering: boolean
@ivar gammaCorrection: Gamma correction enabled. 
Also see B{GAMMA} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type gammaCorrection: boolean
@ivar eFrame: Ending frame for rendering.
Values are clamped to the range [1,MAXFRAME].
@type eFrame: int
@ivar radiosityRender: Radiosity rendering enabled.
@type radiosityRender: boolean
@ivar sizeX: Image width (in pixels).
Values are clamped to the range [4,10000].
@type sizeX: int
@ivar shadow: Shadow calculation enabled. 
Also see B{SHADOW} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type shadow: boolean
@ivar aspectX: Horizontal aspect ratio.
Values are clamped to the range [1,200].
@type aspectX: int
@ivar mode: Mode bitfield.  See L{Modes} constant dict for values.
@type mode: bitfield
@ivar fieldTimeDisable: Time difference in field calculations I{disabled}.
@type fieldTimeDisable: int
@ivar cFrame: The current frame for rendering.
Values are clamped to the range [1,MAXFRAME].
@type cFrame: int
@ivar crop: Crop image during border renders. 
Also see B{CROP} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type crop: boolean
@ivar sFrame: Starting frame for rendering.
Values are clamped to the range [1,MAXFRAME].
@type sFrame: int
@ivar backbuf: Backbuffer image enabled.
@type backbuf: boolean
@ivar OSALevel: Oversampling (anti-aliasing) level.  Valid values are
5, 8, 11, or 16.
@type OSALevel: int
@ivar displayMode: Render output in separate window or 3D view.
Valid values are 0 (display in image editor view), 1 (display in render
window), or 2 (display full screen).
@type displayMode: int
@ivar threads: Number of threads to render, clamed [1-8]
@type threads: int 
@ivar backbufPath: Path to a background image (setting loads image).
@type backbufPath: string
@ivar toonShading: Toon edge shading enabled. 
Also see B{TOONSHADING} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type toonShading: boolean
@ivar sceneMode: Scene mode bitfield.  See L{SceModes} constant dict for
@type sceneMode: bitfield
@ivar gameFrameColor: RGB color triplet for bars.  
Values are clamped in the range [0.0,1.0].
@type gameFrameColor: list of RGB 3 floats
@ivar sizeY: Image height (in pixels).
Values are clamped to the range [4,10000].
@type sizeY: int
@ivar renderer: Rendering engine choice.  
Valid values are 0 (internal) or 1 (Yafray).
@type renderer: int

@ivar sequencer: Enables sequencer output rendering.
Also see B{SEQUENCER} in L{SceModes} constant dict.
@type sequencer: boolean
@ivar extensions: Add extensions to output (when rendering animations).
Also see B{EXTENSION} in L{SceModes} constant dict.
@type extensions: boolean
@ivar compositor: 'Do Compositor' enabled.
@type compositor: boolean
@ivar freeImages: Texture images are freed after render.
@type freeImages: boolean
@ivar singleLayer: Only render the active layer.
@type singleLayer: boolean
@ivar activeLayer: The active render layer.  Must be in range[0,num render layers-1]
@type activeLayer: int
@ivar saveBuffers: Save render buffers to disk while rendering, saves memory.
@type saveBuffers: boolean
@ivar compositeFree: Free nodes that are not used while composite.
@type compositeFree: boolean

@ivar panorama: Panorama rendering enabled. 
Also see B{PANORAMA} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type panorama: boolean
@ivar rayTracing: Ray tracing enabled. 
Also see B{RAYTRACING} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type rayTracing: boolean
@ivar renderPath: The path to output the rendered images.
@type renderPath: string
@ivar gameFrame: Game framing type.  See L{FramingModes} constant dict.
@type gameFrame: int
@ivar aspectY: Vertical aspect ratio.
Values are clamped to the range [1,200].
@type aspectY: int
@ivar imageType: File format for saving images.  See the module's constants
for values.
@type imageType: int
@ivar ftypePath: The path to Ftype file.
@type ftypePath: string
@ivar border: The border for border rendering.  The format is
[xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax].  Values are clamped to [0.0,1.0].
@type border: list of 4 floats.
@ivar edgeColor: RGB color triplet for edges in Toon shading (unified
Values are clamped in the range [0.0,1.0].
@type edgeColor: list of 3 RGB floats
@ivar yParts: Number of vertical parts for image render.  
Values are clamped to the range [2,512].
@type yParts: int
@ivar imagePlanes: Image depth in bits.  Valid values are 8, 24, or 32.
@type imagePlanes: int
@ivar borderRender: Small cut-out rendering enabled. 
Also see B{BORDER_RENDER} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type borderRender: boolean
@ivar oversampling: Oversampling (anti-aliasing) enabled. 
Also see B{OSA} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type oversampling: boolean
@ivar fps: Frames per second.
Values are clamped to the range [1,120].
@ivar fpsBase: Frames per second base: used to generate fractional frames
per second values.  For example, setting fps to 30 and fps_base to 1.001
will approximate the NTSC frame rate of 29.97 fps.
Values are clamped to the range [1,120].
@type fpsBase: float
@ivar timeCode: Get the current frame in HH:MM:SS:FF format.  Read-only.
@type timeCode: string
@ivar environmentMap: Environment map rendering enabled. 
Also see B{ENVMAP} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type environmentMap: boolean
@ivar motionBlur: Motion blur enabled. 
Also see B{MBLUR} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type motionBlur: boolean
@ivar oddFieldFirst: Odd field first rendering enabled. 
Also see B{ODDFIELD} in L{Modes} constant dict.
@type oddFieldFirst: boolean
@ivar alphaMode: Setting for sky/background.  Valid values are 0 (fill
background with sky), 1 (multiply alpha in advance), or 2 (alpha and color
values remain unchanged).
@type alphaMode: int
@ivar gaussFilter: Gauss filter size.
Values are clamped to the range [0.5,1.5].
@type gaussFilter: float
@ivar mblurFactor: Motion blur factor.
Values are clamped to the range [0.01,5.0].
@type mblurFactor: float
@ivar mapOld: Number of frames the Map Old will last
Values are clamped to the range [1,900].
@type mapOld: int
@ivar mapNew: New mapping value (in frames).
Values are clamped to the range [1,900].
@type mapNew: int
@ivar set: The scene linked as a set to this scene.  Values are an existing
scene or None (setting to None clears the set).  The scene argument cannot
cause a circular link.
@type set: BPy_Scene or None
@ivar yafrayGIMethod: Global Illumination method.
Valid values are NONE (0), SKYDOME (1) or FULL (2).
@type yafrayGIMethod: int {NONE (0), SKYDOME (1), GIFULL (2)}
@ivar yafrayGIQuality: Global Illumination quality.
@type yafrayGIQuality: int {NONE (0), LOW (1), MEDIUM (2), HIGH (3), HIGHER (4), BEST (5), USEAOSETTINGS (6)}
@ivar yafrayExportToXML: If true export to an xml file and call yafray instead of plugin.
@type yafrayExportToXML: boolean
@ivar yafrayAutoAntiAliasing: Automatic anti-aliasing enabled/disabled.
@type yafrayAutoAntiAliasing: boolean
@ivar yafrayClampRGB: Clamp RGB enabled/disabled.
@type yafrayClampRGB: boolean
@ivar yafrayAntiAliasingPasses: Number of anti-aliasing passes (0 is no Anti-Aliasing).
@type yafrayAntiAliasingPasses: int [0, 64]
@ivar yafrayAntiAliasingSamples: Number of samples per pass.
@type yafrayAntiAliasingSamples: int [0, 2048]
@ivar yafrayAntiAliasingPixelSize: Anti-aliasing pixel filter size.
@type yafrayAntiAliasingPixelSize: float [1.0, 2.0]
@ivar yafrayAntiAliasingThreshold: Anti-aliasing threshold.
@type yafrayAntiAliasingThreshold: float [0.05, 1.0]
@ivar yafrayGICache: Cache occlusion/irradiance samples (faster).
@type yafrayGICache: boolean
@ivar yafrayGICacheBumpNormals: Enable/disable bumpnormals for cache.
@type yafrayGICacheBumpNormals: boolean
@ivar yafrayGICacheShadowQuality: Shadow quality, keep it under 0.95 :-).
@type yafrayGICacheShadowQuality: float [0.01, 1.0]
@ivar yafrayGICachePixelsPerSample: Maximum number of pixels without samples, the lower the better and slower.
@type yafrayGICachePixelsPerSample: int [1, 50]
@ivar yafrayGICacheRefinement: Threshold to refine shadows EXPERIMENTAL. 1 = no refinement.
@type yafrayGICacheRefinement: float [0.001, 1.0]
@ivar yafrayGIPhotons: Enable/disable use of global photons to help in GI.
@type yafrayGIPhotons: boolean
@ivar yafrayGITunePhotons: If true the photonmap is shown directly in the render for tuning.
@type yafrayGITunePhotons: boolean
@ivar bakeMode: The method used when baking, see L{BakeModes}.
@type bakeMode: int
@ivar bakeNormalSpace: The method used when baking, see L{BakeNormalSpaceModes}.
@type bakeNormalSpace: int
@ivar bakeClear: When enabled, baking clears the image first.
@type bakeClear: bool
@ivar bakeToActive: When enabled, selected objects are baked onto the active object.
@type bakeToActive: bool
@ivar bakeNormalize: Normalize AO and displacement to the range of the distance value.
@type bakeNormalize: bool  
@ivar bakeMargin: The pixel distance to extend baked pixels past the boundry (reduces bleeding when mipmapping)
@type bakeMargin: int
@ivar bakeDist: The distance in blender units to use when bakeToActive is enabled and geomtry does not overlap.
@type bakeDist: float
@ivar bakeBias: The distance in blender units to bias faces further away from the object.
@type bakeBias: float
@ivar halfFloat: When enabled use 16bit floats rather then 32bit for OpenEXR files.
@type halfFloat: bool
@ivar zbuf: When enabled, save the zbuffer with an OpenEXR file
@type zbuf: bool
@ivar preview: When enabled, save a preview jpeg with an OpenEXR file
@type preview: bool
@ivar touch: Create an empty file before rendering it.
@type touch: bool
@ivar noOverwrite: Skip rendering frames when the file exists.
@type noOverwrite: bool

Definition at line 184 of file Render.py.

Public Member Functions

def aspectRatioX
def aspectRatioY
def bake
def currentFrame
def edgeAntiShift
def edgeIntensity
def enableBackbuf
def enableBorderRender
def enableCropping
def enableEnvironmentMap
def enableExtensions
def enableFieldRendering
def enableFieldTimeDisable
def enableGameFrameBars
def enableGameFrameExpose
def enableGameFrameStretch
def enableGammaCorrection
def enableGaussFilter
def enableGrayscale
def enableKey
def enableMotionBlur
def enableOddFieldFirst
def enableOversampling
def enablePanorama
def enablePremultiply
def enableRadiosityRender
def enableRayTracing
def enableRenderDaemon
def enableRGBAColor
def enableRGBColor
def enableSequencer
def enableSGICosmo
def enableShadow
def enableSky
def enableToonShading
def enableUnifiedRenderer
def enableYafrayGICache
def enableYafrayGIGradient
def enableYafrayGIPhotons
def enableYafrayGITunePhotons
def endFrame
def framesPerSec
def gammaLevel
def gaussFilterSize
def getBackbufPath
def getEdgeColor
def getFrameFilename
def getFtypePath
def getGameFrameColor
def getRenderPath
def getRenderWinSize
def getTimeCode
def getYafrayGIMethod
def getYafrayGIQuality
def imageSizeX
def imageSizeY
def motionBlurLevel
def newMapValue
def oldMapValue
def partsX
def partsY
def play
def postProcessAdd
def postProcessGamma
def postProcessMultiply
def quality
def render
def renderAnim
def saveRenderedImage
def setBackbufPath
def setBorder
def setEdgeColor
def setFtypePath
def setGameFrameColor
def setImageType
def setOversamplingLevel
def setRenderer
def setRenderPath
def setRenderWinSize
def setYafrayGIMethod
def setYafrayGIQuality
def SGIMaxsize
def sizePreset
def startFrame
def yafrayExposure
def yafrayGamma
def yafrayGICDepth
def yafrayGIDepth
def yafrayGIIndirPower
def yafrayGIPhotonCount
def yafrayGIPhotonMixCount
def yafrayGIPhotonRadius
def yafrayGIPixelsPerSample
def yafrayGIPower
def yafrayGIRefinement
def yafrayGIShadowQuality
def yafrayRayBias
def yafrayRayDepth

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