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RAS_MeshObject Class Reference

#include <RAS_MeshObject.h>

Inherited by BL_SkinMeshObject.

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Detailed Description

RAS_MeshObject stores mesh data for the renderer.

Definition at line 117 of file RAS_MeshObject.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddPolygon (RAS_Polygon *poly)
virtual void Bucketize (double *oglmatrix, void *clientobj, bool useObjectColor, const MT_Vector4 &rgbavec)
void ClearArrayData ()
void DebugColor (unsigned int abgr)
virtual int FindOrAddVertex (int vtxarray, const MT_Point3 &xyz, const MT_Point2 &uv, const MT_Point2 &uv2, const MT_Vector4 &tangent, const unsigned int rgbacolor, const MT_Vector3 &normal, RAS_IPolyMaterial *mat, int orgindex)
virtual int FindVertexArray (int numverts, RAS_IPolyMaterial *polymat)
RAS_MaterialBucket::Set::iterator GetFirstMaterial ()
const vecIndexArrays & GetIndexCache (RAS_IPolyMaterial *mat)
RAS_MaterialBucket::Set::iterator GetLastMaterial ()
unsigned int GetLightLayer ()
RAS_MaterialBucketGetMaterialBucket (unsigned int matid)
const STR_StringGetMaterialName (unsigned int matid)
const STR_StringGetName ()
RAS_Polygon * GetPolygon (int num)
const STR_StringGetTextureName (unsigned int matid)
RAS_TexVert * GetVertex (unsigned int matid, unsigned int index)
virtual RAS_TexVert * GetVertex (short array, unsigned int index, RAS_IPolyMaterial *polymat)
int GetVertexArrayLength (RAS_IPolyMaterial *mat)
const vecVertexArray & GetVertexCache (RAS_IPolyMaterial *mat)
void MarkVisible (double *oglmatrix, void *clientobj, bool visible, bool useObjectColor, const MT_Vector4 &rgbavec)
bool MeshModified ()
int NumMaterials ()
int NumPolygons ()
 RAS_MeshObject (int lightlayer)
void RemoveFromBuckets (double *oglmatrix, void *clientobj)
void SchedulePoly (const KX_VertexIndex &idx, int numverts, RAS_IPolyMaterial *mat)
void SchedulePolygons (const MT_Transform &transform, int drawingmode)
void ScheduleWireframePoly (const KX_VertexIndex &idx, int numverts, int edgecode, RAS_IPolyMaterial *mat)
void SetMeshModified (bool v)
void SetName (STR_String name)
void SortPolygons (const MT_Transform &transform)
void UpdateMaterialList ()

Public Attributes

int m_class
vector< RAS_IPolyMaterial * > m_sortedMaterials
vector< RAS_TriangleIndexm_triangle_indices
vector< vector
< RAS_MatArrayIndex > > 

Protected Types

enum  { BUCKET_MAX_INDICES = 65535 }
enum  { BUCKET_MAX_TRIANGLES = 65535 }

Protected Attributes

RAS_MaterialBucket::Set m_materials
GEN_Map< class
KX_ArrayOptimizer * > 

Private Member Functions

virtual KX_ArrayOptimizerGetArrayOptimizer (RAS_IPolyMaterial *polymat)

Private Attributes

bool m_bModified
unsigned int m_debugcolor
int m_lightlayer
bool m_MeshMod
STR_String m_name
vector< class RAS_Polygon * > m_Polygons
bool m_zsort

Static Private Attributes

static STR_String s_emptyname = ""


struct  backtofront
struct  fronttoback
struct  polygonSlot

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