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RAS_IPolyMaterial Class Reference

#include <RAS_IPolygonMaterial.h>

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Detailed Description

Material properties.

Definition at line 61 of file RAS_IPolygonMaterial.h.

Public Types

typedef void * TCachingInfo

Public Member Functions

virtual bool Activate (RAS_IRasterizer *rasty, TCachingInfo &cachingInfo) const
virtual void ActivateMeshSlot (const class KX_MeshSlot &ms, RAS_IRasterizer *rasty) const
virtual bool Equals (const RAS_IPolyMaterial &lhs) const
virtual TCachingInfo GetCachingInfo (void) const
int GetDrawingMode () const
const unsigned int GetEnabled () const
const unsigned int GetFlag () const
int GetLightLayer () const
const STR_StringGetMaterialName () const
const STR_StringGetTextureName () const
unsigned int hash () const
bool IsTransparant () const
bool IsZSort () const
bool Less (const RAS_IPolyMaterial &rhs) const
virtual void OnConstruction ()
 RAS_IPolyMaterial (const STR_String &texname, const STR_String &matname, int tile, int tilexrep, int tileyrep, int mode, bool transparant, bool zsort, int lightlayer, bool bIsTriangle, void *clientobject)
bool UsesTriangles () const

Public Attributes

MT_Vector3 m_diffuse
float m_shininess
MT_Vector3 m_specular
float m_specularity

Protected Attributes

bool m_bIsTriangle
int m_drawingmode
unsigned int m_enabled
unsigned int m_flag
int m_lightlayer
STR_HashedString m_materialname
int m_multimode
unsigned int m_polymatid
STR_HashedString m_texturename
int m_tile
int m_tilexrep
int m_tileyrep
bool m_transparant
bool m_zsort

Static Protected Attributes

static unsigned int m_newpolymatid = 0

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