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RAS_FrameSettings Class Reference

#include <RAS_FramingManager.h>

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Detailed Description


This is a value type describing the framing used by a particular scene in the game engine. Each KX_Scene contains a RAS_FrameSetting describing how the frustum and viewport are to be modified depending on the canvas size.

e_frame_scale means that the viewport is set to the current canvas size. If the view frustum aspect ratio is different to the canvas aspect this will lead to stretching.

e_frame_extend means that the best fit viewport will be computed based upon the design aspect ratio and the view frustum will be adjusted so that more of the scene is visible.

e_frame_bars means that the best fit viewport will be be computed based upon the design aspect ratio.

Definition at line 55 of file RAS_FramingManager.h.

Public Types

enum  RAS_FrameType { e_frame_scale, e_frame_extend, e_frame_bars }

Public Member Functions

float BarBlue () const
float BarGreen () const
float BarRed () const
unsigned int DesignAspectHeight () const
unsigned int DesignAspectWidth () const
const RAS_FrameTypeFrameType () const
 RAS_FrameSettings (RAS_FrameType frame_type, float bar_r, float bar_g, float bar_b, unsigned int design_aspect_width, unsigned int design_aspect_height)

Private Member Functions

 RAS_FrameSettings (const RAS_FrameSettings &)

Private Attributes

float m_bar_b
float m_bar_g
float m_bar_r
unsigned int m_design_aspect_height
unsigned int m_design_aspect_width
RAS_FrameType m_frame_type

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