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Pose::PoseBone Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The PoseBone object
      This object gives access to PoseBone-specific data in Blender. 
@ivar name: The name of this PoseBone.
@type name: String
@ivar loc: The change in location for this PoseBone. this is the equivilent of bone.getLoc() in the old 2.3x python api.
@type loc: Vector object
@ivar size: The change in size for this PoseBone (no change is 1,1,1)
@type size: Vector object
@ivar quat: The change in rotation for this PoseBone.
@type quat: Quaternion object
@ivar head: The final head location for this PoseBone. (not settable)
@type head: Vector object
@ivar tail: The final tail location for this PoseBone. (not settable)
@type tail: Vector object
@ivar sel: The selection state of this bone
@type sel: Boolean
@ivar parent: The parent of this posebone (not settable)
@type parent: posebone or None
@ivar displayObject: The object to display in place of the bone. (custom bones)
@type displayObject: Object or None
@ivar localMatrix: The matrix combination of rot/size/loc.
@type localMatrix: Matrix object
@ivar poseMatrix: The total transformation of this PoseBone including constraints.

This matrix is in armature space, for the current worldspace location of this pose bone, multiply
it with its objects worldspace matrix.

eg. pose_bone.poseMatrix * object.matrixWorld

Setting the poseMatrix only sets the loc/size/rot, before constraints are applied (similar to actions).
After setting pose matrix, run pose.update() to re-evaluate the pose and see the changes in the 3d view.

@type poseMatrix: Matrix object
@type constraints: BPy_ConstraintSeq
@ivar constraints: a sequence of constraints for the object
@type limitmin: 3-item sequence
@ivar limitmin: The x,y,z minimum limits on rotation when part of an IK
@type limitmax: 3-item sequence
@ivar limitmax: The x,y,z maximum limits on rotation when part of an IK

@type hasIK: bool
@ivar hasIK: True if this pose bone is a part of an IK (readonly), when False, other IK related values have no affect.

@type stretch: float
@ivar stretch: The amount to stretch to the ik target when part of an IK [0.0 - 1.0]

@type stiffX: float
@ivar stiffX: The x stiffness when part of an IK [0.0 - 0.990]
@type stiffY: float
@ivar stiffY: The x stiffness when part of an IK [0.0 - 0.990]
@type stiffZ: float
@ivar stiffZ: The x stiffness when part of an IK [0.0 - 0.990]

@type limitX: bool
@ivar limitX: Limit rotation over X axis when part of an IK.
@type limitY: bool
@ivar limitY: Limit rotation over Y axis when part of an IK.
@type limitZ: bool
@ivar limitZ: Limit rotation over Z axis when part of an IK.

@type lockXRot: bool
@ivar lockXRot: Disable X DoF when part of an IK.
@type lockYRot: bool
@ivar lockYRot: Disable Y DoF when part of an IK.
@type lockZRot: bool
@ivar lockZRot: Disable Z DoF when part of an IK.
@ivar layerMask: Layer bitmask
            # set bone to layers 14 and 16
            bone.layerMask = (1<<13) + (1<<15)
@type layerMask: Int

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Public Member Functions

def insertKey

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