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ParticleTracer Class Reference

#include <particletracer.h>

Inheritance diagram for ParticleTracer:

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Detailed Description

A whole particle array.

Definition at line 135 of file particletracer.h.

Public Member Functions

void adaptPartTimestep (float factor)
 adapt time step by rescaling velocities
void addFullParticle (ParticleObject &np)
 add/copy a particle from inited struct
void addParticle (float x, float y, float z)
 add a particle at this position
void applyTransformation (double t, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > *verts, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > *norms, int vstart, int vend, int forceTrafo)
virtual void calcTriangleDivs (vector< ntlVec3Gfx > &verts, vector< ntlTriangle > &tris, gfxReal fsTri)
ntlVec3Gfx calculateMaxVel (double t1, double t2)
void checkDumpTextPositions (double simtime)
 called after each frame to check if positions should be dumped
bool checkIsAnimated ()
void checkTrails (double time)
void cleanup ()
void draw ()
 draw the particle array
virtual void drawDebugDisplay ()
virtual void drawInteractiveDisplay ()
AttributeListgetAttributeList ()
virtual ntlVec3Gfx * getBBEnd ()
virtual ntlVec3Gfx * getBBStart ()
int getCastShadows () const
bool getDumpParts ()
string getDumpTextFile ()
float getDumpTextInterval ()
ntlVec3Gfx getEnd ()
float getGeoActive (double t)
float getGeoImpactFactor (double t)
int getGeoInitId () const
bool getGeoInitIntersect () const
int getGeoInitType () const
float getGeoPartSlipValue () const
float getInitEnd ()
ntlVec3Gfx getInitialVelocity (double t)
float getInitStart ()
bool getIsAnimated () const
ParticleObjectgetLast ()
 end iterator for newest particles
bool getLocalCoordInivel () const
ntlMaterialgetMaterial (void)
string getMaterialName (void)
virtual bool getMeshAnimated ()
void getMovingPoints (vector< ntlVec3Gfx > &ret, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > *norms=NULL)
string getName (void)
int getNumInitialParticles ()
int getNumParticles ()
 get the number of particles
int getObjectId () const
vector< ParticleObject >::iterator getParticlesBegin ()
 iterate over all newest particles (for advancing positions)
vector< ParticleObject >::iterator getParticlesEnd ()
 end iterator for newest particles
int getReceiveShadows () const
ntlVec3Gfx getStart ()
AttributeListgetSwsAttributeList ()
ntlVec3Gfx getTranslation (double t)
virtual void getTriangles (double t, vector< ntlTriangle > *triangles, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > *vertices, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > *normals, int objectId)
virtual int getTypeId ()
 Return type id.
int getVisible () const
int getVolumeInit () const
void initChannels (int nTrans, float *trans, int nRot, float *rot, int nScale, float *scale, int nAct, float *act, int nIvel, float *ivel)
virtual void initialize (ntlRenderGlobals *glob)
void initMovingPoints (double time, gfxReal featureSize)
void initMovingPointsAnim (double srctime, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > &srcpoints, double dsttime, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > &dstpoints, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > *dstnormals, gfxReal featureSize, ntlVec3Gfx geostart, ntlVec3Gfx geoend)
virtual void notifyOfDump (int dumptype, int frameNr, char *frameNrStr, string outfilename, double simtime)
void parseAttrList (AttributeList *att)
 parse settings from attributes (dont use own list!)
 ParticleTracer ()
 Standard constructor.
void sceneAddTriangle (ntlVec3Gfx p1, ntlVec3Gfx p2, ntlVec3Gfx p3, ntlVec3Gfx pn1, ntlVec3Gfx pn2, ntlVec3Gfx pn3, ntlVec3Gfx trin, bool smooth, vector< ntlTriangle > *triangles, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > *vertices, vector< ntlVec3Gfx > *vertNormals)
void sceneAddTriangleNoVert (int *trips, ntlVec3Gfx trin, bool smooth, vector< ntlTriangle > *triangles)
void searchMaterial (vector< ntlMaterial * > *mat)
void setAttributeList (AttributeList *set)
void setCastShadows (int set)
void setDumpParts (bool set)
void setDumpTextFile (string set)
void setDumpTextInterval (float set)
void setEnd (ntlVec3Gfx set)
void setGeoImpactFactor (float set)
void setGeoInitId (int set)
void setGeoInitIntersect (bool set)
void setGeoInitType (int set)
void setGeoPartSlipValue (float set)
void setInitEnd (float set)
void setInitialVelocity (ntlVec3Gfx set)
void setInitStart (float set)
void setLocalCoordInivel (bool set)
void setMaterial (ntlMaterial *p)
void setMaterialName (string set)
virtual void setMouseClick ()
virtual void setMousePos (int, int, ntlVec3Gfx, ntlVec3Gfx)
void setName (string set)
void setNumInitialParticles (int set)
 set/get the number of particles
void setObjectId (int set)
void setPartScale (float set)
 set the particle scaling factor
void setReceiveShadows (int set)
void setSimEnd (ntlVec3Gfx set)
void setSimStart (ntlVec3Gfx set)
void setStart (ntlVec3Gfx set)
void setSwsAttributeList (AttributeList *set)
void setVisible (int set)
void setVolumeInit (int set)
 ~ParticleTracer ()

Protected Member Functions

void initTrafoMatrix ()

Protected Attributes

vector< ntlVec3Gfx > mCachedMovNormals
vector< ntlVec3Gfx > mCachedMovPoints
int mCastShadows
AnimChannel< float > mcGeoActive
AnimChannel< float > mcGeoImpactFactor
AnimChannel< ntlVec3Gfx > mcInitialVelocity
AnimChannel< ntlVec3Gfx > mcRot
AnimChannel< ntlVec3Gfx > mcScale
AnimChannel< ntlVec3Gfx > mcTrans
int mDumpParts
int mDumpTextCount
string mDumpTextFile
float mDumpTextInterval
float mDumpTextLastTime
ntlVec3Gfx mEnd
int mGeoInitId
bool mGeoInitIntersect
int mGeoInitType
float mGeoPartSlipValue
bool mHaveCachedMov
float mInitEnd
ntlVec3Gfx mInitialPos
ntlVec3Gfx mInitialVelocity
float mInitStart
 init time distribution start/end
bool mIsAnimated
bool mIsInitialized
bool mLocalCoordInivel
string mMaterialName
int mMaxMovPnt
vector< ntlVec3Gfx > mMovNormals
float mMovPntsInited
vector< ntlVec3Gfx > mMovPoints
string mName
int mNumInitialParts
int mObjectId
float mPartHeadDist
vector< ParticleObjectmParts
float mPartScale
int mPartSegments
float mPartSize
float mPartTailDist
vector< vector< ParticleObject > > mPrevs
ntlMatrix4x4< gfxReal > * mpTrafo
 transform matrix
int mReceiveShadows
int mShowOnly
ntlVec3Gfx mSimEnd
ntlVec3Gfx mSimStart
ntlVec3Gfx mStart
float mTrailInterval
int mTrailLength
float mTrailTimeLast
vector< int > mTriangleDivs1
vector< int > mTriangleDivs2
vector< int > mTriangleDivs3
float mValueCutoffBottom
float mValueCutoffTop
int mValueScale
int mVisible
int mVolumeInit

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