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Parametrizer Class Reference

#include <parametrizer.h>

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Detailed Description

output parameter debug message?

Parameter calculator for the LBM Solver class

Definition at line 47 of file parametrizer.h.

Public Member Functions

ParamVec calculateAddForce (ParamVec vec, string usage)
bool calculateAllMissingValues (double time, bool silent)
int calculateAniStart (void)
int calculateAniStepsPerFrame (int frame)
ParamFloat calculateCellSize (void)
void calculatedThis (int cac)
ParamVec calculateGravity (double time)
ParamFloat calculateLatticeViscosity (double time)
ParamVec calculateLattVelocityFromRw (ParamVec ivel)
int calculateNoOfSteps (ParamFloat timelen)
ParamFloat calculateOmega (double time)
ParamVec calculateRwVelocityFromLatt (ParamVec ivel)
int calculateStepsForSecs (ParamFloat s)
ParamFloat calculateSurfaceTension (void)
bool checkCalculatedValues (int check)
bool checkSeenValues (int check)
ParamFloat getAniFrameTime (int frame)
ParamFloat getAniStart (void)
AttributeListgetAttributeList ()
ParamFloat getCellSize (void)
ParamFloat getCurrentAniFrameTime ()
ParamFloat getCurrentGStar (void)
ParamFloat getDensity (void)
ParamFloat getDomainSize (void)
ParamFloat getFluidVolumeHeight (void)
ParamVec getGravity (double time)
ParamFloat getGStar (void)
ParamFloat getMaxTimestep (void)
ParamFloat getMinTimestep (void)
ParamFloat getNormalizedGStar (void)
ParamFloat getSimulationMaxSpeed (void)
ParamFloat getSoundSpeed (void)
int getTadapLevels (void)
ParamFloat getTadapMaxOmega (void)
ParamFloat getTadapMaxSpeed (void)
ParamFloat getTimeFactor (void)
ParamFloat getTimestep (void)
void initAniFrameTimeChannel (vector< ParamFloat > val, vector< double > time)
void initGravityChannel (vector< ParamVec > val, vector< double > time)
void initViscosityChannel (vector< ParamFloat > val, vector< double > time)
bool isUsed ()
 Parametrizer ()
void parseAttrList (void)
void seenThis (int seen)
void setAniFrameTimeChannel (ParamFloat set)
void setAniStart (ParamFloat set)
void setAttrList (AttributeList *set)
void setCalculatedValues (int set)
void setCellSize (ParamFloat set)
void setDensity (ParamFloat set)
void setDesiredTimestep (ParamFloat set)
void setDomainSize (ParamFloat set)
void setFluidVolumeHeight (ParamFloat set)
void setFrameNum (int frame)
void setGravity (ParamVec set)
void setGravity (ParamFloat setx, ParamFloat sety, ParamFloat setz)
void setGStar (ParamFloat set)
void setNormalizedGStar (ParamFloat set)
void setSeenValues (int set)
void setSimulationMaxSpeed (ParamFloat set)
void setSize (int i, int j, int k)
void setSize (int ijk)
void setSoundSpeed (ParamFloat set)
void setTadapLevels (int set)
void setTadapMaxOmega (ParamFloat set)
void setTadapMaxSpeed (ParamFloat set)
void setTimeFactor (ParamFloat set)
void setTimestep (ParamFloat set)
void setViscosity (ParamFloat set)
 ~Parametrizer ()

Private Attributes

ParamFloat mAniStart
int mCalculatedValues
AnimChannel< ParamFloat > mcAniFrameTime
ParamFloat mCellSize
AnimChannel< ParamVec > mcGravity
AnimChannel< ParamFloat > mcViscosity
ParamFloat mDensity
ParamFloat mDesiredTimestep
ParamFloat mDomainSize
ParamFloat mFluidVolumeHeight
int mFrameNum
ParamFloat mGStar
ParamFloat mMaxTimestep
ParamFloat mMinTimestep
ParamFloat mNormalizedGStar
int mSeenValues
ParamFloat mSimulationMaxSpeed
int mSizex
int mSizey
int mSizez
ParamFloat mSoundSpeed
int mTadapLevels
ParamFloat mTadapMaxOmega
ParamFloat mTadapMaxSpeed
ParamFloat mTimeFactor
ParamFloat mTimestep
ParamFloat mTimeStep
ParamFloat mTimeStepScale

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