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NMesh::NMesh Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The NMesh Data object
  This object gives access to mesh data in Blender.  We refer to mesh as the
  object in Blender and NMesh as its Python counterpart.
@ivar properties: Returns an L{IDGroup<IDProp.IDGroup>} reference to this 
object's ID Properties.
@type properties: L{IDGroup<IDProp.IDGroup>}
@ivar name: The NMesh name.  It's common to use this field to store extra
   data about the mesh (to be exported to another program, for example).
@ivar materials: The list of materials used by this NMesh.  See
   L{getMaterials} for important details.
@ivar verts: The list of NMesh vertices (NMVerts).
@ivar users: The number of Objects using (linked to) this mesh.
@ivar faces: The list of NMesh faces (NMFaces).
@ivar edges: A list of L{NMEdge} edges.
@ivar mode:  The mode flags for this mesh.  See L{setMode}.
@ivar subDivLevels: The [display, rendering] subdivision levels in [1, 6].
@ivar maxSmoothAngle: The max angle for auto smoothing.  See L{setMode}.
@cvar key: The L{Key.Key} object attached to this mesh, if any.

Definition at line 343 of file NMesh.py.

Public Member Functions

def addEdge
def addFace
def addMaterial
def addVertGroup
def assignVertsToGroup
def findEdge
def getActiveFace
def getKey
def getMaterials
def getMaxSmoothAngle
def getMode
def getSelectedFaces
def getSubDivLevels
def getVertexInfluences
def getVertGroupNames
def getVertsFromGroup
def hasFaceUV
def hasVertexColours
def hasVertexUV
def insertKey
def removeAllKeys
def removeEdge
def removeFace
def removeVertGroup
def removeVertsFromGroup
def renameVertGroup
def setMaterials
def setMaxSmoothAngle
def setMode
def setSubDivLevels
def transform
def update

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