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NMesh::NMVert Class Reference

Detailed Description

The NMVert object
  This object holds mesh vertex data.
@type co: 3D Vector object. (WRAPPED DATA)
@ivar co: The vertex coordinates (x, y, z).
@type no: 3D Vector object. (unit length) (WRAPPED DATA)
@ivar no: The vertex normal vector (x, y, z).
@type uvco: 3D Vector object. (WRAPPED DATA)
@ivar uvco: The vertex texture "sticky" coordinates. The Z value of the Vector is ignored.
@type index: int
@ivar index: The vertex index, if owned by a mesh.
@type sel: int
@ivar sel: The selection state (selected:1, unselected:0) of this vertex.\n
Note: An NMesh will return the selection state of the mesh when EditMod was last exited. A python script operating in EditMode must exit edit mode, before getting the current selection state of the mesh.
@warn:  There are two kinds of uv texture coordinates in Blender: per vertex
   ("sticky") and per face vertex (uv in L{NMFace}).  In the first, there's
   only one uv pair of coordinates for each vertex in the mesh.  In the
   second, for each face it belongs to, a vertex can have different uv
   coordinates.  This makes the per face option more flexible, since two
   adjacent faces won't have to be mapped to a continuous region in an image:
   each face can be independently mapped to any part of its texture.

Definition at line 211 of file NMesh.py.

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