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Metaball::Metaelem Class Reference

Detailed Description

The Metaelem object
This gives direct access to meta element data within a metaball.
@ivar type: The type of the metaball.
      Values must be from L{Types}

            from Blender import Metaball
            mb= Metaball.Get('mb')
            for el in mb.elements:
              el.type= Metaball.Types.CUBE
@type type: int
@ivar co: The location of this element.
@type co: Vector
@ivar dims: Element dimensions.
      Values clamped between 0 and 20 on all axies.
@type dims: Vector
@ivar quat: Element rotation.
@type quat: Quaternion
@ivar stiffness: Element stiffness.
      Value clamped between 0 and 10.
@type stiffness: float
@ivar radius: Element radius.
      Value clamped between 0 and 5000.
@type radius: float
@ivar negative: Element negative volume status.
@type negative: bool
@ivar hide: Element hidden status.
@type hide: bool

Definition at line 215 of file Metaball.py.

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