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LbmSolverInterface Class Reference

#include <solver_interface.h>

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Detailed Description

class defining abstract function interface

Definition at line 231 of file solver_interface.h.

Public Types

typedef CellIdentifierInterfaceCellIdentifier

Public Member Functions

void addCellToMarkedList (CellIdentifierInterface *cid)
 add cell to mMarkedCells list
virtual void advanceCell (CellIdentifierInterface *)=0
virtual void advanceParticles ()=0
virtual void debugDisplay (int)=0
virtual void debugDisplayNode (int dispset, CellIdentifier cell)=0
virtual void debugPrintNodeInfo (CellIdentifier cell, int forceSet=-1)=0
virtual void deleteCellIterator (CellIdentifierInterface **)=0
 clean up iteration, this should be called, when the iteration is not completely finished
void freeGeoTree ()
bool geoInitCheckPointInside (ntlVec3Gfx org, ntlVec3Gfx dir, int flags, int &OId, gfxReal &distance, const gfxReal halfCellsize, bool &thinHit, bool recurse)
bool geoInitCheckPointInside (ntlVec3Gfx org, int flags, int &OId, gfxReal &distance, int shootDir=0)
bool getAllfluid ()
AttributeListgetAttributeList ()
virtual CellIdentifierInterfacegetCellAt (ntlVec3Gfx pos)=0
 find cell at a given position (returns NULL if not in domain)
virtual LbmFloat getCellDensity (CellIdentifierInterface *, int)=0
virtual LbmFloat getCellDf (CellIdentifierInterface *, int set, int dir)=0
virtual LbmFloat getCellFill (CellIdentifierInterface *, int set)=0
virtual CellFlagType getCellFlag (CellIdentifierInterface *, int set)=0
virtual int getCellLevel (CellIdentifierInterface *)=0
virtual LbmFloat getCellMass (CellIdentifierInterface *, int set)=0
virtual ntlVec3Gfx getCellOrigin (CellIdentifierInterface *)=0
virtual int getCellSet (CellIdentifierInterface *)=0
 return node information
virtual ntlVec3Gfx getCellSize (CellIdentifierInterface *)=0
virtual LbmVec getCellVelocity (CellIdentifierInterface *, int)=0
int getCpStage () const
virtual vector
< ntlGeometryObject * > 
getDebugObjects ()
LbmFloat getDebugVelScale () const
string getDomainBound () const
LbmFloat getDomainPartSlip () const
ntlMatrix4x4< gfxReal > * getDomainTrafo ()
bool getDumpRawBinary () const
bool getDumpRawBinaryZip () const
bool getDumpRawText () const
bool getDumpVelocities () const
virtual LbmFloat getEquilDf (int)=0
LbmFloat getFarFieldSize () const
virtual CellIdentifierInterfacegetFirstCell ()=0
 cell iteration methods
LbmFloat getGenerateParticles () const
ntlVec3Gfx getGeoEnd () const
ntlVec3Gfx getGeoMaxMovementVelocity (LbmFloat simtime, LbmFloat stepsize)
ntlVec3Gfx getGeoStart () const
virtual string getIdString ()=0
 id string of solver
unsigned int * getIsoIndexArray ()
unsigned int getIsoIndexCount ()
char * getIsoVertexArray ()
unsigned int getIsoVertexCount ()
int getLbmInitId () const
string getName () const
string getNodeInfoString () const
bool getPanic ()
ParametrizergetParametrizer ()
ParticleTracergetParticleTracer ()
int getSizeX (void)
int getSizeY (void)
int getSizeZ (void)
IsoSurfacegetSurfaceGeoObj ()
AttributeListgetSwsAttributeList ()
virtual ntlVec3Gfx getVelocityAt (float x, float y, float z)=0
void initDomainTrafo (float *mat)
void initGeoTree ()
virtual bool initializeSolverGrids ()=0
virtual bool initializeSolverMemory ()=0
virtual bool initializeSolverPostinit ()=0
virtual int initParticles ()=0
virtual void lbmDebugDisplay (int dispset)=0
virtual void lbmMarkedCellDisplay ()=0
 LbmSolverInterface ()
CellIdentifierInterfacemarkedAdvanceCell ()
void markedClearList ()
CellIdentifierInterfacemarkedGetFirstCell ()
 marked cell iteration methods
virtual bool noEndCell (CellIdentifierInterface *)=0
virtual void notifySolverOfDump (int dumptype, int frameNr, char *frameNrStr, string outfilename)=0
virtual void parseAttrList ()=0
void parseStdAttrList ()
virtual void prepareVisualization ()
CellFlagType readBoundaryFlagInt (string name, int defaultValue, string source, string target, bool needed)
void setAllfluid (bool set)
void setAttrList (AttributeList *set)
void setCpStage (int set)
 set/get cp stage
void setDebugVelScale (LbmFloat set)
 set/get debug vel scale
void setDomainBound (string set)
 set/get dump velocities flag
void setDomainPartSlip (LbmFloat set)
 set/get dump velocities flag
void setDumpRawBinary (bool set)
void setDumpRawBinaryZip (bool set)
void setDumpRawText (bool set)
 set/get dump modes
void setDumpVelocities (bool set)
 set/get dump velocities flag
void setFarFieldSize (LbmFloat set)
 set/get far field size
void setGenerateParticles (LbmFloat set)
 set/get particle generation prob.
void setGeoEnd (ntlVec3Gfx set)
void setGeoStart (ntlVec3Gfx set)
void setInitDensityGradient (bool set)
void setIsoSubdivs (int s)
 set amount of iso subdivisions
void setLbmInitId (int set)
void setName (string set)
void setParametrizer (Parametrizer *set)
void setParticleTracer (ParticleTracer *set)
void setPreviewSize (int set)
 set desired refinement
void setRefinementDesired (int set)
 set desired refinement
void setRenderGlobals (ntlRenderGlobals *glob)
void setSilent (bool set)
 set silent mode?
void setSizeX (int ns)
void setSizeY (int ns)
void setSizeZ (int ns)
void setSmoothing (float setss, float setns)
 set amount of surface/normal smoothing
void setSwsAttrList (AttributeList *set)
virtual void step ()=0
void triangulateSurface ()
virtual ~LbmSolverInterface ()

Protected Attributes

bool mAccurateGeoinit
bool mAllfluid
CellFlagType mBoundaryBottom
CellFlagType mBoundaryEast
CellFlagType mBoundaryNorth
CellFlagType mBoundarySouth
CellFlagType mBoundaryTop
CellFlagType mBoundaryWest
int mCppfStage
LbmFloat mDebugVelScale
string mDomainBound
 domain boundary free/no slip type
LbmFloat mDomainPartSlipValue
 part slip value for domain
bool mDumpRawBinary
bool mDumpRawBinaryZip
bool mDumpRawText
 dumping modes
bool mDumpVelocities
 dump velocities?
LbmFloat mFarFieldSize
LbmFloat mFixMass
vector< gfxReal > mGiObjDistance
vector< int > mGiObjInside
vector< gfxReal > mGiObjSecondDist
LbmVec mGravity
bool mInitDensityGradient
int mInitDone
int mIsoSubdivs
LbmFloat mIsoValue
int mLbmInitId
int mMarkedCellIndex
vector< CellIdentifierInterface * > mMarkedCells
LbmFloat mMLSUPS
string mName
string mNodeInfoString
int mNumEmptiedCells
int mNumFilledCells
int mNumInvalidDfs
int mNumParticlesLost
int mNumUsedCells
LbmFloat mOmega
int mOutputSurfacePreview
 output surface preview? if >0 yes, and use as reduzed size
bool mPanic
LbmFloat mPartDropMassSub
LbmFloat mPartGenProb
 particle generation probability
bool mPartUsePhysModel
vector< ntlGeometryObject * > * mpGiObjects
 Mcubes object for surface reconstruction.
 store particle tracer
LbmFloat mPreviewFactor
ntlMatrix4x4< gfxReal > * mpSimTrafo
 domain vertex trafos
int mRefinementDesired
 use refinement/coarsening?
bool mSilent
 debug output?
int mSizex
int mSizey
int mSizez
float mSmoothNormals
float mSmoothSurface
int mStepCnt
LbmFloat mSurfaceTension
LbmFloat mTForceStrength
 test vars
ntlVec3Gfx mvGeoEnd
ntlVec3Gfx mvGeoStart

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