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Lattice::Lattice Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Lattice object
      This object gives access to Lattices in Blender.
@ivar width: The number of x dimension partitions.
@ivar height: The number of y dimension partitions.
@ivar depth: The number of z dimension partitions.
@ivar widthType: The x dimension key type.
@ivar heightType: The y dimension key type.
@ivar depthType: The z dimension key type.
@ivar mode: The current mode of the Lattice.
@ivar latSize: The number of points in this Lattice (width*height*depth).
@cvar key: The L{Key.Key} object associated with this Lattice or None.

Definition at line 66 of file Lattice.py.

Public Member Functions

def __copy__
def getKey
def getKeyTypes
def getMode
def getName
def getPartitions
def getPoint
def insertKey
def setKeyTypes
def setMode
def setName
def setPartitions
def setPoint

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