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Key::Key Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Key object
An object with keyframes (L{Lattice}, L{NMesh} or
L{Curve}) will contain a Key object representing the
keyframe data.

@ivar ipo:  Key Ipo.  Contains the Ipo if one is assigned to the
object, B{None} otherwise.  Setting to B{None} clears the current Ipo.
@type ipo:  Blender Ipo
@ivar value: The value of the key. Read-only.
@type value: float
@ivar type: An integer from the L{Types} dictionary
representing the Key type.  Read-only.
@type type: int
@ivar blocks: A list of KeyBlocks for the key.  Read-only.
@type blocks: Blender KeyBlock.
@ivar relative: Indicates whether the key is relative(=True) or normal.
@type relative: bool

Definition at line 31 of file Key.py.

Public Member Functions

def getBlocks
def getIpo

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