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KX_VertexProxy::KX_VertexProxy Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A vertex holds position, UV, colour and normal information.

The physics simulation is NOT currently updated - physics will not respond
to changes in the vertex position.

@ivar XYZ: The position of the vertex.
@type XYZ: list [x, y, z]
@ivar UV: The texture coordinates of the vertex.
@type UV: list [u, v]
@ivar normal: The normal of the vertex 
@type normal: list [nx, ny, nz]
@ivar colour: The colour of the vertex. 
              Black = [0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0], White = [1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0]
@type colour: list [r, g, b, a]
@ivar color: Synonym for colour.

@group Position: x, y, z
@ivar x: The x coordinate of the vertex.
@type x: float
@ivar y: The y coordinate of the vertex.
@type y: float
@ivar z: The z coordinate of the vertex.
@type z: float

@group Texture Coordinates: u, v
@ivar u: The u texture coordinate of the vertex.
@type u: float
@ivar v: The v texture coordinate of the vertex.
@type v: float

@group Colour: r, g, b, a
@ivar r: The red component of the vertex colour.   0.0 <= r <= 1.0
@type r: float
@ivar g: The green component of the vertex colour. 0.0 <= g <= 1.0
@type g: float
@ivar b: The blue component of the vertex colour.  0.0 <= b <= 1.0
@type b: float
@ivar a: The alpha component of the vertex colour. 0.0 <= a <= 1.0
@type a: float

Definition at line 4 of file KX_VertexProxy.py.

Public Member Functions

def getNormal
def getRGBA
def getUV
def getXYZ
def setRGBA
def setUV
def setXYZ

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