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KX_TouchSensor::KX_TouchSensor Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for KX_TouchSensor::KX_TouchSensor:

SCA_ISensor::SCA_ISensor SCA_ILogicBrick::SCA_ILogicBrick KX_NearSensor::KX_NearSensor

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Detailed Description

Touch sensor detects collisions between objects.

Definition at line 5 of file KX_TouchSensor.py.

Public Member Functions

def getExecutePriority
def getFrequency
def getHitObject
def getHitObjectList
def getInvert
def getOwner
def getProperty
def getTouchMaterial
def getUseNegPulseMode
def getUsePosPulseMode
def isPositive
def setExecutePriority
def setFrequency
def setInvert
def setProperty
def setTouchMaterial
def setUseNegPulseMode
def setUsePosPulseMode

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