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KX_Scene Class Reference

#include <KX_Scene.h>

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Detailed Description

The KX_Scene holds all data for an independent scene. It relates KX_Objects to the specific objects in the modules.

Definition at line 91 of file KX_Scene.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int _delattr (const STR_String &attr)
virtual PyObject * _getattr (const STR_String &attr)
virtual PyObject * _repr (void)
virtual int _setattr (const STR_String &attr, PyObject *pyvalue)
void AddCamera (KX_Camera *)
void AddDebugProperty (class CValue *debugprop, const STR_String &name)
KX_GameObjectAddNodeReplicaObject (SG_IObject *node, CValue *gameobj)
SCA_IObject * AddReplicaObject (CValue *gameobj, CValue *locationobj, int lifespan=0)
void AddShape (class btCollisionShape *shape)
void CalculateVisibleMeshes (RAS_IRasterizer *rasty, KX_Camera *cam)
void DelayedReleaseObject (CValue *gameobj)
void DelayedRemoveObject (CValue *gameobj)
void EnableZBufferClearing (bool isclearingZbuffer)
RAS_MaterialBucketFindBucket (RAS_IPolyMaterial *polymat, bool &bucketCreated)
KX_Camera * FindCamera (STR_String &)
KX_Camera * FindCamera (KX_Camera *)
KX_Camera * GetActiveCamera ()
RAS_BucketManagerGetBucketManager ()
list< class KX_Camera * > * GetCameras ()
unsigned int GetCanvasDesignHeight (void) const
unsigned int GetCanvasDesignWidth (void) const
std::vector< SCA_DebugProp * > & GetDebugProperties ()
const RAS_FrameSettingsGetFramingType () const
CListValue * GetInactiveList ()
CListValue * GetLightList ()
SCA_LogicManager * GetLogicManager ()
const STR_StringGetName ()
NG_NetworkDeviceInterface * GetNetworkDeviceInterface ()
NG_NetworkScene * GetNetworkScene ()
CListValue * GetObjectList ()
KX_Camera * GetpCamera ()
class PHY_IPhysicsEnvironmentGetPhysicsEnvironment ()
MT_CmMatrix4x4 & GetProjectionMatrix ()
CListValue * GetRootParentList ()
const RAS_RectGetSceneViewport () const
SND_Scene * GetSoundScene ()
double getSuspendedDelta ()
double getSuspendedTime ()
SCA_TimeEventManager * GetTimeEventManager ()
MT_CmMatrix4x4 & GetViewMatrix ()
KX_WorldInfo * GetWorldInfo ()
bool isA (const char *mytypename)
bool isA (PyTypeObject *T)
bool IsClearingZBuffer ()
bool IsSuspended ()
 KX_PYMETHOD_DOC (KX_Scene, getName)
 KX_PYMETHOD_DOC (KX_Scene, getObjectList)
 KX_PYMETHOD_DOC (KX_Scene, getLightList)
 KX_Scene (class SCA_IInputDevice *keyboarddevice, class SCA_IInputDevice *mousedevice, class NG_NetworkDeviceInterface *ndi, class SND_IAudioDevice *adi, const STR_String &scenename)
void LogicBeginFrame (double curtime)
void LogicEndFrame ()
void LogicUpdateFrame (double curtime, bool frame)
int NewRemoveObject (CValue *gameobj)
PyObject * Py_isA (PyObject *args)
void RemoveAllDebugProperties ()
void RemoveNodeDestructObject (SG_IObject *node, CValue *gameobj)
void RemoveObject (CValue *gameobj)
void RenderBuckets (const MT_Transform &cameratransform, RAS_IRasterizer *rasty, RAS_IRenderTools *rendertools)
void ReplaceMesh (CValue *gameobj, void *meshobj)
void ReplicateLogic (class KX_GameObject *newobj)
void Resume ()
void SetActiveCamera (class KX_Camera *)
void SetActivityCulling (bool b)
void SetActivityCullingRadius (float f)
void SetCameraOnTop (class KX_Camera *)
void SetCanvasDesignHeight (unsigned int height)
void SetCanvasDesignWidth (unsigned int width)
void SetFramingType (RAS_FrameSettings &frame_settings)
void SetGravity (const MT_Vector3 &gravity)
void SetNetworkDeviceInterface (NG_NetworkDeviceInterface *newInterface)
void SetNetworkScene (NG_NetworkScene *newScene)
void SetNodeTree (SG_Tree *root)
void SetPhysicsEnvironment (class PHY_IPhysicsEnvironment *physEnv)
void SetProjectionMatrix (MT_CmMatrix4x4 &pmat)
void SetSceneConverter (class KX_BlenderSceneConverter *sceneConverter)
void SetSceneViewport (const RAS_Rect &viewport)
void setSuspendedDelta (double suspendeddelta)
void setSuspendedTime (double suspendedtime)
void SetWorldInfo (class KX_WorldInfo *wi)
void Suspend ()
void UpdateMeshTransformations ()
void UpdateObjectActivity (void)
void UpdateParents (double curtime)

Static Public Member Functions

static PyObject * __getattr (PyObject *PyObj, char *attr)
static PyObject * __repr (PyObject *PyObj)
static int __setattr (PyObject *PyObj, char *attr, PyObject *value)
static void PyDestructor (PyObject *P)
static PyObject * sPy_isA (PyObject *self, PyObject *args, PyObject *kwd)

Static Public Attributes

static SG_Callbacks m_callbacks = SG_Callbacks(KX_SceneReplicationFunc,KX_SceneDestructionFunc,KX_GameObject::UpdateTransformFunc)

Protected Member Functions

void MarkSubTreeVisible (SG_Tree *node, RAS_IRasterizer *rasty, bool visible, KX_Camera *cam)
void MarkVisible (RAS_IRasterizer *rasty, KX_GameObject *gameobj, KX_Camera *cam)
void MarkVisible (SG_Tree *node, RAS_IRasterizer *rasty, KX_Camera *cam)

Protected Attributes

KX_Camera * m_active_camera
float m_activity_box_radius
bool m_activity_culling
PyObject * m_attrlist
list< class KX_Camera * > m_cameras
unsigned int m_canvasDesignHeight
unsigned int m_canvasDesignWidth
CListValue * m_delayReleaseObjects
CListValue * m_euthanasyobjects
RAS_FrameSettings m_frame_settings
CListValue * m_inactivelist
bool m_isclearingZbuffer
SCA_KeyboardManager * m_keyboardmgr
SCA_ISystem * m_kxsystem
CListValue * m_lightlist
std::vector< KX_GameObject * > m_logicHierarchicalGameObjects
SCA_LogicManager * m_logicmgr
GEN_Map< GEN_HashedPtr, void * > m_map_gameobject_to_replica
SCA_MouseManager * m_mousemgr
NG_NetworkDeviceInterface * m_networkDeviceInterface
NG_NetworkScene * m_networkScene
CListValue * m_objectlist
CListValue * m_parentlist
class PHY_IPhysicsEnvironmentm_physicsEnvironment
MT_CmMatrix4x4 m_projectionmat
class KX_BlenderSceneConverter * m_sceneConverter
STR_String m_sceneName
vector< class btCollisionShape * > m_shapes
SND_Scene * m_soundScene
bool m_suspend
double m_suspendeddelta
double m_suspendedtime
CListValue * m_tempObjectList
SCA_TimeEventManager * m_timemgr
int m_ueberExecutionPriority
MT_CmMatrix4x4 m_viewmat
RAS_Rect m_viewport
KX_WorldInfo * m_worldinfo

Private Attributes



class  KX_Scene

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