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KX_RayCast Class Reference

#include <KX_RayCast.h>

Inherited by KX_RayCast::Callback< T >.

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Detailed Description

Defines a function for doing a ray cast.

eg KX_RayCast::RayTest(ignore_physics_controller, physics_environment, frompoint, topoint, result_point, result_normal, KX_RayCast::Callback<KX_MyClass>(this, data)

Calls myclass->RayHit(client, hit_point, hit_normal, data) for all client between frompoint and topoint

myclass->RayHit should return true to end the raycast, false to ignore the current client.

Returns true if a client was accepted, false if nothing found.

Definition at line 52 of file KX_RayCast.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool RayHit (KX_ClientObjectInfo *client, MT_Point3 &hit_point, MT_Vector3 &hit_normal) const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static bool RayTest (KX_IPhysicsController *physics_controller, PHY_IPhysicsEnvironment *physics_environment, const MT_Point3 &_frompoint, const MT_Point3 &topoint, MT_Point3 &result_point, MT_Vector3 &result_normal, const KX_RayCast &callback)


class  Callback

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