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KX_KetsjiEngine Class Reference

#include <KX_KetsjiEngine.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

KX_KetsjiEngine is the core game engine class.

Definition at line 63 of file KX_KetsjiEngine.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddScene (class KX_Scene *scene)
void ConvertAndAddScene (const STR_String &scenename, bool overlay)
KX_SceneList * CurrentScenes ()
void EnableCameraOverride (const STR_String &forscene)
void Export (const STR_String &filename)
KX_SceneFindScene (const STR_String &scenename)
int GetExitCode ()
const STR_StringGetExitString ()
bool GetHideCursor (void) const
void GetOverrideFrameColor (float &r, float &g, float &b) const
RAS_IRasterizerGetRasterizer ()
void GetTimingDisplay (bool &frameRate, bool &profile, bool &properties) const
bool GetUseFixedTime (void) const
bool GetUseOverrideFrameColor (void) const
 KX_KetsjiEngine (class KX_ISystem *system)
bool NextFrame ()
 returns true if an update happened to indicate -> Render
void RemoveScene (const STR_String &scenename)
void Render ()
void ReplaceScene (const STR_String &oldscene, const STR_String &newscene)
void RequestExit (int exitrequestmode)
void ResumeScene (const STR_String &scenename)
void SetAudioDevice (SND_IAudioDevice *audiodevice)
void SetCameraOverrideProjectionMatrix (const MT_CmMatrix4x4 &mat)
void SetCameraOverrideUseOrtho (bool useOrtho)
void SetCameraOverrideViewMatrix (const MT_CmMatrix4x4 &mat)
void SetCameraZoom (float camzoom)
void SetCanvas (RAS_ICanvas *canvas)
void SetDrawType (int drawingtype)
void SetGame2IpoMode (bool game2ipo, int startFrame)
void SetHideCursor (bool hideCursor)
void SetKeyboardDevice (SCA_IInputDevice *keyboarddevice)
void SetMouseDevice (SCA_IInputDevice *mousedevice)
void SetNameNextGame (const STR_String &nextgame)
void SetNetworkDevice (NG_NetworkDeviceInterface *networkdevice)
void SetOverrideFrameColor (float r, float g, float b)
void SetPythonDictionary (PyObject *pythondictionary)
void SetRasterizer (RAS_IRasterizer *rasterizer)
void SetRenderTools (RAS_IRenderTools *rendertools)
void SetSceneConverter (KX_ISceneConverter *sceneconverter)
void SetTimingDisplay (bool frameRate, bool profile, bool properties)
void SetUseFixedTime (bool bUseFixedTime)
void SetUseOverrideFrameColor (bool overrideFrameColor)
void StartEngine (bool clearIpo)
void StopEngine ()
void SuspendScene (const STR_String &scenename)
virtual ~KX_KetsjiEngine ()

Static Public Member Functions

static double GetSuspendedDelta ()
static double GetTicRate ()
static void SetTicRate (double ticrate)

Protected Member Functions

void AddScheduledScenes (void)
bool BeginFrame ()
KX_SceneCreateScene (const STR_String &scenename)
void EndFrame ()
void PostProcessScene (class KX_Scene *scene)
void ProcessScheduledScenes (void)
void RemoveScheduledScenes (void)
void ReplaceScheduledScenes (void)
void SceneListsChanged (void)

Private Types

enum  KX_TimeCategory {
  tc_first = 0, tc_physics = 0, tc_logic, tc_network,
  tc_scenegraph, tc_sound, tc_rasterizer, tc_services,
  tc_overhead, tc_outside, tc_numCategories

Private Member Functions

void DoSound (KX_Scene *scene)
void PostRenderFrame ()
void RenderDebugProperties ()
void RenderFrame (KX_Scene *scene, KX_Camera *cam)
void SetBackGround (KX_WorldInfo *worldinfo)
void SetupRenderFrame (KX_Scene *scene, KX_Camera *cam)
void SetWorldSettings (KX_WorldInfo *worldinfo)

Private Attributes

int m_activecam
std::set< STR_Stringm_addingBackgroundScenes
std::set< STR_Stringm_addingOverlayScenes
class SND_IAudioDevicem_audiodevice
bool m_bFixedTime
bool m_bInitialized
float m_cameraZoom
class RAS_ICanvas * m_canvas
double m_clockTime
int m_currentFrame
int m_curreye
int m_drawingmode
int m_exitcode
STR_String m_exitstring
bool m_firstframe
double m_frameTime
bool m_game2ipo
bool m_hideCursor
class SCA_IInputDevice * m_keyboarddevice
class KX_ISystemm_kxsystem
class SCA_IInputDevice * m_mousedevice
class NG_NetworkDeviceInterface * m_networkdevice
bool m_overrideCam
MT_CmMatrix4x4 m_overrideCamProjMat
bool m_overrideCamUseOrtho
MT_CmMatrix4x4 m_overrideCamViewMat
bool m_overrideFrameColor
float m_overrideFrameColorB
float m_overrideFrameColorG
float m_overrideFrameColorR
STR_String m_overrideSceneName
double m_previousClockTime
bool m_propertiesPresent
PyObject * m_pythondictionary
class RAS_IRasterizerm_rasterizer
double m_remainingTime
std::set< STR_Stringm_removingScenes
class RAS_IRenderTools * m_rendertools
std::set< std::pair
< STR_String, STR_String > > 
class KX_ISceneConverterm_sceneconverter
KX_SceneList m_scenes
bool m_show_debug_properties
bool m_show_framerate
bool m_show_profile
bool m_showBackground
bool m_showProperties
bool m_stereo

Static Private Attributes

static const char m_profileLabels [tc_numCategories][15]
static double m_suspendeddelta = 0.0
static double m_suspendedtime = 0.0
static double m_ticrate = DEFAULT_LOGIC_TIC_RATE

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