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IpoCurve::IpoCurve Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The IpoCurve object
This object gives access to generic data from all Ipo curves objects
in Blender.

Important Notes for Rotation Ipo Curves:\n
For the rotation Ipo curves, the y values for points are in units of 10
degrees.  For example, 45.0 degrees is stored as 4.50 degrees.  These are the
same numbers you see in the Transform Properties pop-up menu ( NKey ) in
the IPO Curve Editor window.  Positive rotations are in a counter-clockwise
direction, following the standard convention.

@ivar driver:  Status of the driver.  1= on, 0= object, 2= python expression.
@type driver:  int
@ivar driverObject:  Object used to drive the Ipo curve.
@type driverObject:  Blender Object or None
@ivar driverExpression:  Python expression used to drive the Ipo curve. [0 - 127 chars]
@type driverExpression:  string
@ivar sel:  The selection state of this curve.
@type sel:  bool
@ivar driverChannel:  Object channel used to drive the Ipo curve.
Use module constants: IpoCurve.LOC_X, IpoCurve.LOC_Y, IpoCurve.LOC_Z,
IpoCurve.ROT_X, IpoCurve.ROT_Y, IpoCurve.ROT_Z, IpoCurve.SIZE_X,
IpoCurve.SIZE_Y, IpoCurve.SIZE_Z
@type driverChannel:  int 
@ivar name: The IpoCurve data name.
@type name: string
@ivar bezierPoints: The list of the curve's bezier points.
@type bezierPoints: list of BezTriples.
@ivar interpolation: The curve's interpolation mode.  See L{InterpTypes} for
@type interpolation: int
@ivar extend: The curve's extend mode. See L{ExtendTypes} for values.

B{Note}: Cyclic Ipo curves never reach the end value.  If the first and
last bezier points do not have the same y coordinate, the value of the
curve when it "cycles" is that of the first point.  If a user wants to
get the value of the final curve point, read the final point from the

          ipo = Blender.Object.Get('Cube').ipo
          icu = ipo['LocX']
          endtime,endvalue = icu.bezierPoints[-1].pt
@type extend: int

Definition at line 39 of file IpoCurve.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getitem__
def __setitem__
def addBezier
def append
def delBezier
def evaluate
def getExtrapolation
def getInterpolation
def getName
def getPoints
def recalc
def setExtrapolation
def setInterpolation

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