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GHOST_SystemWin32 Class Reference

#include <GHOST_SystemWin32.h>

Inheritance diagram for GHOST_SystemWin32:

GHOST_System GHOST_ISystem

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Detailed Description

WIN32 Implementation of GHOST_System class.
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Maarten Gribnau
May 10, 2001

Definition at line 61 of file GHOST_SystemWin32.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual GHOST_TSuccess addEventConsumer (GHOST_IEventConsumer *consumer)
virtual GHOST_TSuccess beginFullScreen (const GHOST_DisplaySetting &setting, GHOST_IWindow **window, const bool stereoVisual)
virtual GHOST_IWindowcreateWindow (const STR_String &title, GHOST_TInt32 left, GHOST_TInt32 top, GHOST_TUns32 width, GHOST_TUns32 height, GHOST_TWindowState state, GHOST_TDrawingContextType type, const bool stereoVisual)
virtual bool dispatchEvents ()
virtual GHOST_TSuccess disposeWindow (GHOST_IWindow *window)
virtual GHOST_TSuccess endFullScreen (void)
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getButtons (GHOST_Buttons &buttons) const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getButtonState (GHOST_TButtonMask mask, bool &isDown) const
virtual GHOST_TUns8 * getClipboard (int flag) const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getCursorPosition (GHOST_TInt32 &x, GHOST_TInt32 &y) const
virtual GHOST_EventManagergetEventManager () const
virtual bool getFullScreen (void)
virtual void getMainDisplayDimensions (GHOST_TUns32 &width, GHOST_TUns32 &height) const
virtual GHOST_TUns64 getMilliSeconds () const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getModifierKeys (GHOST_ModifierKeys &keys) const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getModifierKeyState (GHOST_TModifierKeyMask mask, bool &isDown) const
virtual GHOST_NDOFManager * getNDOFManager () const
virtual GHOST_TUns8 getNumDisplays () const
virtual GHOST_TimerManagergetTimerManager () const
virtual GHOST_WindowManagergetWindowManager () const
 GHOST_SystemWin32 ()
virtual GHOST_ITimerTaskinstallTimer (GHOST_TUns64 delay, GHOST_TUns64 interval, GHOST_TimerProcPtr timerProc, GHOST_TUserDataPtr userData=0)
virtual int openNDOF (GHOST_IWindow *w, GHOST_NDOFLibraryInit_fp setNdofLibraryInit, GHOST_NDOFLibraryShutdown_fp setNdofLibraryShutdown, GHOST_NDOFDeviceOpen_fp setNdofDeviceOpen)
virtual bool processEvents (bool waitForEvent)
virtual GHOST_TSuccess pushEvent (GHOST_IEvent *event)
virtual void putClipboard (GHOST_TInt8 *buffer, int flag) const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess removeTimer (GHOST_ITimerTask *timerTask)
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setCursorPosition (GHOST_TInt32 x, GHOST_TInt32 y) const
virtual bool validWindow (GHOST_IWindow *window)
virtual ~GHOST_SystemWin32 ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GHOST_TSuccess createSystem ()
static GHOST_TSuccess disposeSystem ()
static GHOST_ISystemgetSystem ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual GHOST_TKey convertKey (WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam) const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess createFullScreenWindow (GHOST_Window **window, const bool stereoVisual)
virtual GHOST_TSuccess exit ()
virtual GHOST_TSuccess init ()
void processModifierKeys (GHOST_IWindow *window)
virtual void retrieveModifierKeys (GHOST_ModifierKeys &keys) const
virtual void storeModifierKeys (const GHOST_ModifierKeys &keys)

Static Protected Member Functions

static GHOST_EventButtonprocessButtonEvent (GHOST_TEventType type, GHOST_IWindow *window, GHOST_TButtonMask mask)
static GHOST_EventCursorprocessCursorEvent (GHOST_TEventType type, GHOST_IWindow *window)
static GHOST_EventKeyprocessKeyEvent (GHOST_IWindow *window, bool keyDown, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
static GHOST_EventWheelprocessWheelEvent (GHOST_IWindow *window, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
static GHOST_EventprocessWindowEvent (GHOST_TEventType type, GHOST_IWindow *window)
static LRESULT WINAPI s_wndProc (HWND hwnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)

Protected Attributes

__int64 m_freq
bool m_hasPerformanceCounter
GHOST_ModifierKeys m_modifierKeys
GHOST_NDOFManager * m_ndofManager
GHOST_DisplaySetting m_preFullScreenSetting
bool m_seperateLeftRight
bool m_seperateLeftRightInitialized
__int64 m_start

Static Protected Attributes

static GHOST_ISystemm_system = 0

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