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GHOST_Rect Class Reference

#include <GHOST_Rect.h>

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Detailed Description

Implements rectangle functionality. The four extreme coordinates are stored as left, top, right and bottom. To be valid, a rectangle should have a left coordinate smaller than or equal to right. To be valid, a rectangle should have a top coordinate smaller than or equal to bottom.
Maarten Gribnau
May 10, 2001

Definition at line 48 of file GHOST_Rect.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool clip (GHOST_Rect &r) const
virtual GHOST_TInt32 getHeight () const
virtual GHOST_TVisibility getVisibility (GHOST_Rect &r) const
virtual GHOST_TInt32 getWidth () const
 GHOST_Rect (const GHOST_Rect &r)
 GHOST_Rect (GHOST_TInt32 l=0, GHOST_TInt32 t=0, GHOST_TInt32 r=0, GHOST_TInt32 b=0)
virtual void inset (GHOST_TInt32 i)
virtual bool isEmpty () const
virtual bool isInside (GHOST_TInt32 x, GHOST_TInt32 y) const
virtual bool isValid () const
virtual void set (GHOST_TInt32 l, GHOST_TInt32 t, GHOST_TInt32 r, GHOST_TInt32 b)
virtual void setCenter (GHOST_TInt32 cx, GHOST_TInt32 cy, GHOST_TInt32 w, GHOST_TInt32 h)
virtual void setCenter (GHOST_TInt32 cx, GHOST_TInt32 cy)
virtual void unionPoint (GHOST_TInt32 x, GHOST_TInt32 y)
virtual void unionRect (const GHOST_Rect &r)
virtual ~GHOST_Rect ()

Public Attributes

GHOST_TInt32 m_b
GHOST_TInt32 m_l
GHOST_TInt32 m_r
GHOST_TInt32 m_t

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