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GHOST_IEvent Class Reference

#include <GHOST_IEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for GHOST_IEvent:

GHOST_Event GHOST_EventButton GHOST_EventCursor GHOST_EventKey GHOST_EventNDOF GHOST_EventWheel

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Detailed Description

Interface class for events received from GHOST. You should not need to inherit this class. The system will pass these events to the GHOST_IEventConsumer::processEvent() method of event consumers.
Use the getType() method to retrieve the type of event and the getData() method to get the event data out. Using the event type you can cast the event data to the correct event dat structure.
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Maarten Gribnau
May 31, 2001

Definition at line 52 of file GHOST_IEvent.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual GHOST_TEventDataPtr getData ()=0
virtual GHOST_TUns64 getTime ()=0
virtual GHOST_TEventType getType ()=0
virtual GHOST_IWindowgetWindow ()=0
virtual ~GHOST_IEvent ()

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