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GHOST_TSuccess GHOST_DisplayManagerCarbon::getNumDisplaySettings ( GHOST_TUns8  display,
GHOST_TInt32 &  numSettings 
) const [virtual]

Returns the number of display settings for this display device.

display The index of the display to query with 0 <= display < getNumDisplays().
setting The number of settings of the display device with this index.
Indication of success.

Reimplemented from GHOST_DisplayManager.

Definition at line 70 of file GHOST_DisplayManagerCarbon.cpp.

References m_displayIDs.

      GHOST_ASSERT((display==kMainDisplay), "GHOST_DisplayManagerCarbon::getNumDisplaySettings(): only main display is supported");
      CFArrayRef displayModes;
      displayModes = ::CGDisplayAvailableModes(m_displayIDs[display]);
      CFIndex numModes = ::CFArrayGetCount(displayModes);
      numSettings = (GHOST_TInt32)numModes;
      return GHOST_kSuccess;

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