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GHOST_DisplayManager Class Reference

#include <GHOST_DisplayManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for GHOST_DisplayManager:

GHOST_DisplayManagerCarbon GHOST_DisplayManagerWin32 GHOST_DisplayManagerX11

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Detailed Description

Manages system displays (platform independent implementation).
Maarten Gribnau
September 21, 2001

Definition at line 49 of file GHOST_DisplayManager.h.

Public Types

enum  { kMainDisplay = 0 }

Public Member Functions

virtual GHOST_TSuccess getCurrentDisplaySetting (GHOST_TUns8 display, GHOST_DisplaySetting &setting) const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getDisplaySetting (GHOST_TUns8 display, GHOST_TInt32 index, GHOST_DisplaySetting &setting) const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getNumDisplays (GHOST_TUns8 &numDisplays) const
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getNumDisplaySettings (GHOST_TUns8 display, GHOST_TInt32 &numSettings) const
 GHOST_DisplayManager (void)
virtual GHOST_TSuccess initialize (void)
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setCurrentDisplaySetting (GHOST_TUns8 display, const GHOST_DisplaySetting &setting)
virtual ~GHOST_DisplayManager (void)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector
< GHOST_DisplaySetting > 

Protected Member Functions

GHOST_TSuccess findMatch (GHOST_TUns8 display, const GHOST_DisplaySetting &setting, GHOST_DisplaySetting &match) const
GHOST_TSuccess initializeSettings (void)

Protected Attributes

< GHOST_DisplaySettings > 
bool m_settingsInitialized

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