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FsgrLevelData Class Reference

#include <solver_class.h>

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Detailed Description

information needed for each level in the simulation

Definition at line 145 of file solver_class.h.

Public Attributes

double avgOmega
double avgOmegaCnt
LbmVec gravity
 gravity force for this level
int id
LbmFloat lcellfactor
LbmFloat lcnu
LbmFloat lcsmago
 smago params and precalculated values
LbmFloat lcsmago_sqr
LbmFloat lmass
 mass&volume for this level
int lOffsx
int lOffsy
int lOffsz
int lSizex
 local storage of mSizes
int lSizey
int lSizez
int lsteps
 step count
LbmFloat lvolume
LbmFloat * mprsCells [2]
 level array
CellFlagType * mprsFlags [2]
LbmFloat nodeSize
 node size on this level (geometric, in world coordinates, not simulation units!)
LbmFloat omega
 quadtree node relaxation parameter
int setCurr
 current set of dist funcs
int setOther
 target/other set of dist funcs
LbmFloat simCellSize
 node size on this level in simulation units
LbmFloat time
 size this level was advanced to
LbmFloat timestep
 size of a single lbm step in time units on this level

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