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BezTriple::BezTriple Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The BezTriple object
This object gives access to generic data from all BezTriple objects in
@ivar pt : the [x,y] coordinates for knot point of this BezTriple.  After
changing coordinates of a Ipo curve, it is advisable to call 
L{IpoCurve.recalc()<IpoCurve.IpoCurve.recalc>} to update the curve.
@type pt: list of two floats
@ivar vec : a list of the 3 points [ handle, knot, handle ] that comprise a
BezTriple, with each point composed of a list [x,y,z] of floats.  The list 
looks like [ [H1x, H1y, H1z], [Px, Py, Pz], [H2x, H2y, H2z] ].
    # where bt is of type BezTriple
    #  and h1, p, and h2 are lists of 3 floats
    h1, p, h2 = bt.vec
@type vec: list of points
@ivar tilt: the tilt/alpha value for the point
@type tilt: float
@ivar radius: the radius of this point (used for tapering bevels)
@type radius: float
@ivar hide: the visibility status of the knot.  B{Note}: true/nonzero means
I{not} hidden.  B{Note}: primarily intended for curves; not a good idea to 
hide IPO control points.
@type hide: int
@ivar handleTypes: the types of the point's two handles.  See 
L{HandleTypes} for a complete description.
@type handleTypes list of two ints
@ivar selects: the select status for [handle, knot, handle].  True/nonzero
if the point is selected.
@type selects: list of three ints
@ivar weight: the weight assigned to the control point.  Useful for
softbodies and possibly others.
@type weight: float

Definition at line 34 of file BezTriple.py.

Public Member Functions

def getPoints
def getTriple
def setPoints

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