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Armature::Armature Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Armature object
      This object gives access to Armature-specific data in Blender.
@ivar bones: A Dictionary of Bones (BonesDict) that make up this armature.
@type bones: BonesDict Object
@ivar vertexGroups: Whether vertex groups define deformation
@type vertexGroups: Bool
@ivar envelopes: Whether bone envelopes define deformation
@type envelopes: Bool
@ivar restPosition: Show rest position (no posing possible)
@type restPosition: Bool
@ivar delayDeform: Don't deform children when manipulating bones
@type delayDeform: Bool
@ivar drawAxes: Draw bone axes
@type drawAxes: Bool
@ivar drawNames: Draw bone names
@type drawNames: Bool
@ivar ghost: Draw ghosts around frame for current Action
@type ghost: Bool
@ivar ghostStep: Number of frames between ghosts
@type ghostStep: Int
@ivar drawType: The drawing type that is used to display the armature
Acceptable values are:
            - Armature.OCTAHEDRON: bones drawn as octahedrons
            - Armature.STICK: bones drawn as sticks
            - Armature.BBONE: bones drawn as b-bones
            - Armature.ENVELOPE: bones drawn as sticks with envelopes
@type drawType: Constant Object
@ivar mirrorEdit: X-axis mirrored editing
@type mirrorEdit: Bool
@ivar autoIK: Adds temporary IK chains while grabbing bones
@type autoIK: Bool
@ivar layerMask: Layer bitmask
            # set armature to layers 14 and 16
            armature.layerMask = (1<<13) + (1<<15)
@type layerMask: Int

Definition at line 125 of file Armature.py.

Public Member Functions

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def __init__
def copy
def makeEditable
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