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 * This is Verse Master Server, a small help library to aid application developers
 * make their applications interact with a Verse master server.
 * There are two steps to the process:
 * 1) Send a MS:GET request to a master server. This is done by the verse_ms_get_send()
 *    function, which calls verse_send_ping() internally.
 * 2) Parse any returned MS:LIST packets. This is a two-step process. The application
 *    still owns the ping callback, and will need to check for received pings that
 *    start with MS:LIST, and call the verse_ms_list_parse() function to parse those.
 * A successfully parsed MS:LIST packet will result in an array of VMSServer pointers
 * being returned. Each VMSServer instance describes one server. Use the provided
 * functions to query each server structure.
 * The application should call free() on the returned vector, whenever it is done with
 * the data (perhaps after copying it into application-defined data structures).
 * For a lot more detail about the Verse master server protocol, please see
 * the spec at <http://verse.blender.org/cms/Master_Server__v2.775.0.html>.
 * This code was written in 2006 by Emil Brink. It is released as public domain.

#define     VERSE_MS_VERSION  "1.0"

#if defined __cplusplus
extern "C" {

typedef struct {
      const char  *name;            /* Field name. Upper-case. */
      const char  *value;           /* Field value. Fully parsed, might contain spaces. */
} VMSField;

typedef struct {
      const char  *ip;        /* IP address of server, in dotted decimal:port. */
      unsigned int      num_fields; /* Number of fields of extra info. */
      VMSField    *field;           /* Vector of fields, or NULL if none. */
} VMSServer;

/* Formats and sends a MS:GET ping packet to the master server. The <fields> argument
 * should be a combination of VERSE_MS_FIELD_ mask values. If <tags> is set, it should
 * be a comma-separated set of include/exclude tags, like "a,b,-c,d,-e".
#define     VERSE_MS_FIELD_DESCRIPTION    (1 << 0)
extern void       verse_ms_get_send(const char *address, int fields, const char *tags);

/* Parses a master server response. This will be a string of the form "MS:LIST IP=blah ...",
 * which is split into one struct per IP, and any additional fields parsed (unquoted etc).
 * Returns an array of VMSServer pointers, which is NULL-terminated. Returns NULL if there
 * was a parse error somewhere in the string, no partial success is possible.
extern VMSServer **     verse_ms_list_parse(const char *list);

/* This is the only standard field name, currently. */
#define     VERSE_MS_FIELD_DESCRIPTION_NAME     "DE"  /* Human-readable server description. */

/* Checks wether the given server has a field with the given name. */
extern int        verse_ms_field_exists(const VMSServer *ms, const char *name);

/* Returns the value for the named field in the given server, if present.
 * If not, NULL is returned.
extern const char *     verse_ms_field_value(const VMSServer *ms, const char *name);

#if defined __cplusplus

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