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 * Miscellaneous utility routines for generic use throughout the code.

/* Safe, buffer size limited, string copy. */
extern char *     v_strlcpy(char *dst, const char *src, size_t size);

typedef struct {
      uint32 seconds;
      uint32 fractions;
} VUtilTimer;

extern void v_timer_start(VUtilTimer *timer);
extern void v_timer_advance(VUtilTimer *timer, double seconds);
extern double     v_timer_elapsed(const VUtilTimer *timer);
extern void v_timer_print(const VUtilTimer *timer);

extern int  v_quat32_valid(const VNQuat32 *q);
extern int  v_quat64_valid(const VNQuat64 *q);
extern VNQuat32*v_quat32_from_quat64(VNQuat32 *dst, const VNQuat64 *src);
extern VNQuat64*v_quat64_from_quat32(VNQuat64 *dst, const VNQuat32 *src);

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