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#include "Hider.h"
#include "Camera.h"
#include "HierarchicalZbuffer.h"
#include "ri.h"
#include "Bound.h"
#include "Color.h"
#include "RenderBucket.h"

#include <vector>

#include "QDRender.h"

// 2D bound, cached
struct CachedBound2D
      CachedBound2D() {}
      CachedBound2D(const Bound2D &b, float _minz) :bound(b), minz(_minz) {}
      CachedBound2D(const CachedBound2D &b):bound(b.bound), minz(b.minz) {}
      Bound2D bound;
      float minz;

struct SampleCoords
      float jx, jy;     // jittered sample coordinates
      float lu, lv;     // lens sample offsets
      float tm;               // shutter time

class Attributes;
class Options;
class MicroPolygon;
class ZbufferHider : public Hider
      ZbufferHider(const Attributes& attr, const Options& opt);
      virtual void worldBegin();
      virtual void worldEnd();
      virtual void insert(Primitive* p);
      virtual void remove(const Primitive* p);
      virtual bool bucketBegin();
      virtual Primitive* firstPrim();
      virtual void hide(MicroPolygonGrid &g);
      virtual Color trace(const Point3 &p, const Vector &r) { return Color(0); }
      virtual void bucketEnd();

      virtual int inFrustum(Primitive* p);

      virtual unsigned int gridSize();
      virtual float rasterEstimate(const Bound &b);
      virtual float rasterEstimate(const Point3 &p0, const Point3 &p1);

      // for Z files, no shading needed, only need to know depth data
      virtual bool noShading() const { return no_shading; }

      // local camera because of sampling at higher resolution
      Camera lcam;

      RtSepFilterFunc pixelfilter;
      float xwidth, ywidth;
      float *filtX, *filtY, *filtbuf;
      unsigned int X_ftmax, X_xt_smp, Y_ftmax, Y_xt_smp;

      HierarchicalZbuffer* hzbuf;
      float *zbuf, *pixbuf;
      unsigned int xsize, ysize, xsamples, ysamples;
      float xsam2div, ysam2div;
      SampleCoords* sample_coords;
      float jitter, shmin, shmax;
      bool empty_pixbuf, no_shading, has_z, only_z;

      unsigned int gridsize;

      // buckets
      typedef std::vector<Bucket>::iterator BucketIterator;
      BucketIterator cur_bucket;
      unsigned int bucketsize, bucket_sizeX, bucket_sizeY;
      std::vector<Bucket> buckets;
      std::vector<MicroPolygon*> transp_mps;

      // mp rasterization
      void draw_forwarded(bool opaque_only);
      void drawMP(const MicroPolygon* mp);
      void drawMP_transp(const MicroPolygon* mp);
      // for points
      void drawMP_point(const MicroPolygon* mp);
      void drawMP_transp_point(const MicroPolygon* mp);

      bool boundOccluded(const Bound2D &b, float zval);

      float dof_sp;
      bool sample_dof, sample_motion;
      float CoC_radius(float depth) const;
      void calcSamples();



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