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#ifndef STATE_H
#define STATE_H

#include "ri.h"
#include "Options.h"
#include "Attributes.h"
//#include "Primitive.h"
#include "Transform.h"
//#include "Framework.h"
//#include "FrameBuffer.h"
#include "Camera.h"
#include "decparam.h"
#include "ribInterface.h"
#include "qdtl.h"
//#include "TexCache.h"
#include "slshader.h"
#include <stack>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <set>

#include "QDRender.h"

// Mode & ModeSet defined as bitsets
// ModeSet == 0 -> Mode undefined
                              MODE_TRANSFORM=16, MODE_SOLID=32, MODE_OBJECT=64, MODE_MOTION=128};
typedef int ModeSet;

class Transform;
class FrameBuffer;
class Framework;
class Primitive;
class BlurredPrimitive;
class TextureCache;

// CopyStack class for 'copy on push', see prbook
template<typename T>
class CopyStack : public std::vector<T>
      void push()
            if (std::vector<T>::empty())
                  std::vector<T>::push_back( T() );
                  std::vector<T>::push_back( T( top() ) );
      void pop()
            if (std::vector<T>::empty()) throw RiException_t("pop() -> CopyStack EMPTY!");
      T& top()
            if (std::vector<T>::empty()) throw RiException_t("top() -> CopyStack EMPTY!");
            return std::vector<T>::back();

// Singleton State class, but unlike implementation example from prbook,
// this one *is* properly destructed at end of program
class State {
      static State *Instance();

      // parameter declarations
      RtVoid addDeclared(const std::string &name, const decParam_t &dp);
      const decParam_t* findDeclaredParam(const char* name) const;
      // return parameter data defined by name, either predeclared or inline from name.
      // for inline, 'last' when set will delete the parameter since it is the last used instance
      bool parameterFromName(const char* name, decParam_t& dp, char varname[256], bool last=false);

      // Changing states
      RtVoid begin(RtToken name);
      RtVoid end();
      RtVoid frameBegin(RtInt frame);
      RtVoid frameEnd();
      RtVoid worldBegin();
      RtVoid worldEnd();
      RtVoid attributeBegin();
      RtVoid attributeEnd();
      RtVoid transformBegin();
      RtVoid transformEnd();
      RtVoid solidBegin(RtToken operation);
      RtVoid solidEnd();
      RtVoid motionBegin(RtInt n, RtFloat times[]);
      RtVoid motionEnd();
      // extra function, to free all data build inside motion block in case errors occurred
      void cancelMotion();

      RtObjectHandle objectBegin();
      RtVoid objectEnd();
      // disable/enable light in current lightsource list
      RtVoid setLight(RtLightHandle light, bool state);
      // convert rib integer light ID's to lighthandles
      void setLightID(RtLightHandle light, int ID);
      RtLightHandle getLightHandle(int ID) const;

      // verify if mode is valid
      bool verifyMode(ModeSet allowableModes, RtInt errnumIfDifferent, const std::string &from);

      // top of stack access
      Options &topOptions() { return optionStack.top(); }
      Attributes &topAttributes() { return attributeStack.top(); }
      Transform &topTransform() { return transformStack.top(); }

      // copy of top-of-stack attribs, xform & lightsource arrays
      Attributes* cloneAttributes();
      Transform* cloneTransform();
      SlShaderInstance** cloneLightArray(unsigned int &numlights);

      // new attribute cubic bases
      void newCubicBasis(RtBasis ubasis, RtBasis vbasis);

      // Add constructed primitive to object, light, blur, or framework.
      void insert(Primitive *prim, int motion_pos);

      // named coordinate systems
      void addNamedCoordSys(const std::string &name);
      Transform* getNamedCoordSys(const std::string &name);
      void activateNamedCoordSys(const std::string &name);
      // sets current transform to start of block transform
      Transform transformIdentity();
      // returns current transform, usually top of transformStack, but can be different when in motion block,
      // in which case 'motion_pos' should be current position in motion block, default -1 is outside of motion blocks
      Transform& currentTransform(int motion_pos=-1);

      // load a shader from file if not already in database
      SlShaderInstance* loadShader(const char* name, SlShaderType expected_type);

      // used for timing render
      void renderStart() const;
      void renderEnd() const; 

      // get a reference to the texture cache
      const TextureCache* getTextureCache() const { return texcache; }

      // only used in subdivision code, prevents culled patches from deleting subd.data,
      // see getSubdivData() in CCSubdivision.cpp
      bool rendering() const { return renderstate; }

      // some public data
      // flags set by RiScreenWindow() / RiFrameAspectRatio(),
      // frameAspectRatio and/or display area may need to be adjusted
      bool resetScrWin, resetFrameAspect;

      // temporary
      Camera cam, projcam;    // projection camera init. by hider

      // this only used by ribInterface, lookup of Rib callbacks
      hashmap_t<RIBFUNC> _riblu;

      // current framebuffer, used by the hiders
      FrameBuffer* framebuffer;

      // cubic basis 'database'
      std::vector<Transform*> ref_cubs;

      // shader 'database'
      std::map<std::string, SlShader*> ref_shd; // shaders
      std::vector<SlShaderInstance*> ref_shdInst;  // instances
      // keep track of all shaders that failed to load
      std::set<std::string> failed_shaders;

      // reference to all cloned attributes
      std::vector<Attributes*> ref_attr;
      hashtable_t<unsigned int, Attributes*, 10> hash_attr;

      // reference to all cloned transforms
      std::vector<Transform*> ref_xform;
      hashtable_t<unsigned int, Transform*, 10> hash_xfrm;

      // reference to all cloned lightsource arrays
      std::vector<SlShaderInstance**> ref_lights;
      hashtable_t<unsigned int, SlShaderInstance**, 10> hash_lights;

      // list of named coordinate systems
      std::map<std::string, Transform> namedCoordSys;

      // for motion blur, transforms at specified times
      std::vector<Transform> motion_xform;

      // list of declared parameters
      std::map<std::string, decParam_t> declaredParams;
      // list of inline declared parameters, all temporary, lasting only for the current Ri func
      std::map<std::string, decParam_t> inlineParams;

      std::stack<Mode> modeStack;
      CopyStack<Options> optionStack;
      CopyStack<Attributes> attributeStack;
      CopyStack<Transform> transformStack;
      // prbook has these two combined as one stack
      std::stack<std::set<RtLightHandle> > lightStack;
      std::stack<std::set<RtObjectHandle> > objectStack;
      // rib integer light ID's to lighthandle mapper
      std::map<int, RtLightHandle> lightID2LH;

      // internal methods called by begin and end methods
      void pushMode(Mode m);        void popMode();
      void pushOption();            void popOption();
      void pushAttrib();            void popAttrib();
      void pushTransform();         void popTransform();
      void pushObjectLight();       void popObjectLight();

      // in object mode, motion mode, or when defining an area light,
      // gather primitives here, Otherwise, these pointers will all
      // be NULL and the primitives will pass through to the Framework.
      //RtObjectHandle openObject;
      //RtLightHandle openAreaLight;
      BlurredPrimitive* openBlurPrim;
      // number of commands expected in motion block
      int motion_expected;

      // current framework
      Framework* framework;

      // texture cache
      TextureCache* texcache;

      // only used in subdivision code, prevents culled patches to delete subd.data,
      // see getSubdivData() in CCSubdivision.cpp
      bool renderstate;


#endif // STATE_H

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