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#include <deque>
#include <vector>

#include "QDRender.h"

class Primitive;
class MicroPolygon;
struct Bucket
      int xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax;        // 2D bucket bound
      std::deque<Primitive*>* prims;     // references to primitives intersecting this bucket
      std::vector<MicroPolygon*>* mps;   // references to micropolygons intersecting this bucket
      std::vector<MicroPolygon*>* Tmps;  // same for transparent mpoly's

class RenderBucket
      RenderBucket(int _width, int _height, int _xsize, int _ysize,
            int _bucket_sizeX, int _bucket_sizeY, int _X_xt_smp, int _Y_xt_smp)
      : width(_width), height(_height), xsize(_xsize), ysize(_ysize),
            bucket_sizeX(_bucket_sizeX), bucket_sizeY(_bucket_sizeY), X_xt_smp(_X_xt_smp), Y_xt_smp(_Y_xt_smp),
            bk_x(0), bk_y(0), // bucket coords
            bkn(0),     // bucket counter
            bk_maxX(xsize / bucket_sizeX), bk_maxY(ysize / bucket_sizeY),     // bucket x & y maximum in bucket coordinates
            borderX(-1), borderY(-1)      
            // account for partial bucket overlap at image borders
            if ((xsize % bucket_sizeX) != 0) { borderX=bk_maxX;  bk_maxX++; }
            if ((ysize % bucket_sizeY) != 0) { borderY=bk_maxY;  bk_maxY++; }
      // traversal methods, in order of best to worst memory usage
      void SweepOrder(std::vector<Bucket>& buckets);
      void ScanOrder(std::vector<Bucket>& buckets);
      void HilbertPeanoOrder(std::vector<Bucket>& buckets, bool _hilbert=false);
      void SpiralOrder(std::vector<Bucket>& buckets, bool out2in=false);
      void RandomOrder(std::vector<Bucket>& buckets);
      void hilbert(std::vector<Bucket>& buckets, int orient, int& angle, int level);
      void peano(std::vector<Bucket>& buckets, int orient, int& angle, int level);
      void spiralN(int n, int nx, int ny, int &bkx, int &bky);

      int width, height, xsize, ysize, bucket_sizeX, bucket_sizeY, X_xt_smp, Y_xt_smp;
      int bk_x, bk_y, bkn, bk_maxX, bk_maxY, borderX, borderY;


#endif      // _RENDERBUCKET_H

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