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#define RIBPARSER_H 1

#include <string>
#include <cstdio>
#include "ri.h"

#include "ribInterface.h"

#include "QDRender.h"

// for debug text output
typedef void (*debug_print_out)(const std::string&);

// 4k buffer for parameters, big enough?
// (-1 for catching read overflow, see code)
const unsigned int TKBUFSIZE = 4095;

class RIBparse_t
            // ctor
            RIBparse_t(debug_print_out dbo=NULL)
                  dbg_out = dbo;
                  fp = NULL;
                  curline = keyline = 0;
                  _FPTR = NUMREAD = 0;
                  lastblock = false;
            // dtor
            ~RIBparse_t() {}
            // mtds
            RtInt parse(const char* filename, bool isbasefile=true);
            unsigned int getLastLine() const { return curline; }
            // data
            // buffer for tokens read from the file
            char tokenBuffer[TKBUFSIZE + 1];
            // data used for file reading per block
            char linebuf[16384];
            unsigned _FPTR, NUMREAD;
            bool lastblock;
            // optional function to be called to write debug output
            debug_print_out dbg_out;
            // current file pointer
            FILE* fp;
            // current line in file being read, and last line read where a keyword started
            unsigned int curline, keyline;
            // the list of parsed parameters, starts with a ri command
            parameterList_t params;
            // flag to indicate parsing errors,
            // if any occured, current line will be skipped
            bool parse_errors;

            // mtds
            char getNextChar();
            char readString();
            char readNumber(char lastChar);
            char readFloat(char lastChar);
            char readToken(char lastChar);
            char skipWhitespace();
            char readUntilNewline();


#endif // RIBPARSER_H

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