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#ifndef OPTIONS_H
#define OPTIONS_H

#include "ri.h"

#include "QDRender.h"

// unused
struct ClippingPlane
      ClippingPlane():x(0), y(0), z(0), nx(0), ny(0), nz(0) {}
      ClippingPlane(float _x, float _y, float _z, float _nx, float _ny, float _nz)
                  : x(_x), y(_y), z(_z), nx(_nx), ny(_ny), nz(_nz) {}
      float x, y, z, nx, ny, nz;

class Options
      Options(const Options &options);
      Options &operator=(const Options &options);

      // Camera
      RtInt xRes, yRes;                     // RiFormat
      RtFloat pixelAspectRatio;
      RtFloat frameAspectRatio;             // RiFrameAspectRatio
      RtFloat left, right, bottom, top;     // RiScreenWindow
      RtFloat xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax;       // RiCropWindow
      enum {PROJ_ORTHOGRAPHIC, PROJ_PERSPECTIVE} projection;  // RiProjection
      RtFloat fov;
      RtFloat nearClip, farClip;            // RiClipping
      // extra clipping planes              // RiClippingPlane
      //std::vector<ClippingPlane> clippingPlanes;
      RtFloat fStop, focalLength,           // RiDepthOfField
      RtFloat openShutter, closeShutter;    // RiShutter

      // Display
      RtFloat pixelVariance;                // RiPixelVariance
      RtFloat xSamples, ySamples;           // RiPixelSamples
      RtFilterFunc pixelFilter;             // RiPixelFilter
      RtFloat xWidth, yWidth;
      RtFloat gain, gamma;                  // RiExposure
      RtPointer imager;                     // RiImager (shader)
      RtInt cqOne, cqMin, cqMax;            // RiQuantize (color)
      RtFloat cqDitherAmplitude;
      RtInt zqOne, zqMin, zqMax;            // RiQuantize (depth)
      RtFloat zqDitherAmplitude;
      enum {DT_FRAMEBUFFER, DT_FILE, DT_ZFILE} displayType;   // RiDisplay
      char displayName[80];
      enum {DM_RGB, DM_RGBA, DM_RGBZ, DM_RGBAZ, DM_A, DM_Z, DM_AZ} displayMode;
      // Additional
      enum {HD_HIDDEN, HD_RAYTRACE, HD_HYBRID} hider;         // RiHider
      // Color samples support for RGB only
      // RiColorSamples will return 'unimplemented'
      RtFloat relativeDetail;               // RiRelativeDetail

      // Implementation specifics
      // extra global params, searchpaths etc, later...
      RtFloat jitter;
      RtInt bucketsize; // size of bucket in pixels
      RtInt texturememory;    // texture cache size in kb
      RtInt gridsize;   // maximum size of grid (num of verts)
      RtInt eyesplits;

      // basepath relative to current file for ReadArchive/etc
      char basepath[256];


#endif // OPTIONS_H

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