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#include "QDRender.h"

struct Bound2D;

class HierarchicalZbuffer
      // ctor
      HierarchicalZbuffer(unsigned int maxlog2);
      // dtor

      // mtds
      // initialize all layers
      void initLayers();
      // tests the hzbuf. point (x, y)
      bool pointOccluded(int x, int y, float zval) const;
      // updates all layers for coord(x, y) (coord of main level)
      void updatePoint(int x, int y, float zval);
      // as above, but for 2d bound
      bool boundOccluded(const Bound2D &b, float zval) const;

      // for reading the maximum level, read-only
      const float* maxLayer() const { return zLayer[0]; }

      float** zLayer; // the main pyramid of zbuffers

      unsigned int totalSize, levels;
      int sideLen;

      // recursive sub section occlusion test
      bool bOcc(const Bound2D &b, float zval, int curlev, int cell) const;



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