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/* ************************************************************************ */
   grouped and transformed geometry functions 
   author: Tim Schmidt tisch@uni-paderborn.de

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

extern int dGeomTransformGroupClass;

void dGeomTransformGroupSetRelativePosition (dGeomID g, dReal x, dReal y, dReal z);
void dGeomTransformGroupSetRelativeRotation (dGeomID g, const dMatrix3 R);
const dReal * dGeomTransformGroupGetRelativePosition (dxGeom *g);
const dReal * dGeomTransformGroupGetRelativeRotation (dxGeom *g);
dGeomID dCreateGeomTransformGroup (dSpaceID space);
void dGeomTransformGroupAddGeom    (dGeomID tg, dGeomID obj);
void dGeomTransformGroupRemoveGeom (dGeomID tg, dGeomID obj);
dGeomID dGeomTransformGroupGetGeom (dGeomID tg, int i);
int dGeomTransformGroupGetNumGeoms (dGeomID tg);

#ifdef __cplusplus

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