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#include "v_network.h"

typedef struct{
      char  name[16];
      char  pass[16];
      uint8 key;
      VNodeID     avatar;

typedef enum{
      V_CS_IDLE = 0, /* Host connection waiting for connection */
      V_CS_CONTACT = 1, /* client tryes to contact host */
      V_CS_CONTACTED = 2, /* Host replyes whit challange */
      V_CS_PENDING_ACCEPT = 3, /* Client sends login */
      V_CS_PENDING_HOST_CALLBACK = 4, /* Host got login waits for accept connect callback */
      V_CS_PENDING_CLIENT_CALLBACK_ACCEPT = 5, /* Host got login waits for accept connect callback */
      V_CS_PENDING_CLIENT_CALLBACK_TERMINATE = 6, /* Host got login waits for connect terminate callback */
      V_CS_PENDING_DECISION = 7, /* Host got has executed Callback waits for accept command */
      V_CS_CONNECTED = 8 /* Connection establiched */

/* Connection related functions (v_connection.c) */

extern boolean                      v_con_network_listen(void);

extern void                   v_con_set_name_pass(const char *name, const char *pass);
extern const char *                 v_con_get_name(void);
extern const char *                 v_con_get_pass(void);

extern void                   v_con_set_avatar(uint32 avatar);
extern void                   v_con_set_time(uint32 seconds, uint32 fractions);

extern void                   v_con_set_connect_stage(VConnectStage stage);
extern VConnectStage    v_con_get_connect_stage(void);

extern uint8                  *v_con_get_my_key(void);
extern uint8                  *v_con_get_other_key(void);
extern uint8                  *v_con_get_host_id(void);
extern uint8                  **v_con_get_expected_key(void);

extern void                   v_con_set_data_key(const uint8 *key);
extern const uint8 *                v_con_get_data_key(void);

extern void *                 v_con_get_network_queue(void);
extern VNetworkAddress *v_con_get_network_address(void);
extern void *                 v_con_get_network_address_id(unsigned int id);
extern unsigned int *   v_con_get_network_expected_packet(void);
extern void *                 v_con_get_ordered_storage(void);
extern void *                 v_con_get_func_storage(void);
extern void *                 v_con_connect(uint32 ip, uint16 port, VConnectStage stage);
extern unsigned int           v_con_get_network_address_count(void);

extern boolean                v_co_switch_connection(uint32 ip, uint16 port);

extern void             v_con_inqueue_timer_update(void);

/* Func storage related functions (v_func_storage.c)*/
extern void                   v_fs_unpack(uint8 *data, unsigned int length);

extern boolean                v_fs_func_accept_connections(void);
extern void                   v_fs_add_func(unsigned int cmd_id, unsigned int (*unpack_func)(const char *buf, size_t buffer_length), void *pack_func, void *alias_func);

extern void *                 v_fs_get_alias_user_func(unsigned int cmd_id);
extern void *                 v_fs_get_alias_user_data(unsigned int cmd_id);
extern void *                 v_fs_get_user_func(unsigned int cmd_id);
extern void *                 v_fs_get_user_data(unsigned int cmd_id);

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