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#include "ri.h"
#include <string>
#include <vector>

#include "decparam.h"

#include "QDRender.h"

// parameter lists
class parameter_t
            friend class parameterList_t;
            // default, unknown class & type, zero array length
            parameter_t():ct_flags(0), arlen(0) {}
            parameter_t(float fv):ct_flags(DT_FLOAT) { float_array.push_back(fv); }
            parameter_t(int iv):ct_flags(DT_INT) { int_array.push_back(iv); }
            parameter_t(char* sv):ct_flags(DT_STRING) {  string_array.push_back(sv); }
            parameter_t(const std::vector<std::string>& strvec);
            parameter_t(const std::vector<float>& fltvec);
            parameter_t(const std::vector<int>& intvec);
            ~parameter_t() {}

            // returns value as string
            std::string valueAsString() const;

            // try to get specific type from data, throws error if not expected type
            // but only if type==string, does float -> int conversion, and vice versa
            float getFloat() const;
            int getInt() const;
            std::string getString() const;

            // storage class/data type bit flags & array length, public for simpler access
            // arlen only used for declared params
            int ct_flags, arlen;

            // all types as separate array variables,
            // single value params are just single value arrays
            std::vector<RtFloat> float_array;
            std::vector<std::string> string_array;
            std::vector<int> int_array;


class parameterList_t
            parameterList_t():listname("NONE"), tokens(NULL), parms(NULL), num_riparams(0), array_sizes(NULL) {}
            parameterList_t(const std::string &nom):listname(nom), tokens(NULL),
                        parms(NULL), array_sizes(NULL) {}
            ~parameterList_t() { freeArrays(); }
            void freeArrays()
                  // free allocated c strings
                  for (std::vector<std::pair<int, RtString*> >::iterator si=cstrings.begin(); si!=cstrings.end(); ++si) {
                        for (int i=0; i<si->first; ++i)
                              delete[] si->second[i];
                        delete[] si->second;
                  // free token array
                  if (tokens) {
                        for (unsigned int i=0; i<num_riparams; ++i)
                              delete[] tokens[i];
                        delete[] tokens;
                        tokens = NULL;
                  // parameter and array size array
                  if (parms) { delete[] parms;  parms = NULL; }
                  if (array_sizes) { delete[] array_sizes;  array_sizes = NULL; };
            void add(const parameter_t &p) { params.push_back(p); }
            const parameter_t* getParameter(const std::string &name) const;
            void clear() { params.clear(); }
            std::string name() const { return listname; }
            void name(const std::string &_name) { listname=_name; }

            void convertTypes(int n);
            // creates Ri parameter lists
            int makeRiParamList(int n);
            // checks expected length of primitive variable list (geom only),
            // type 'constant' is always size 1
            // update: added facevarying, all guesswork
            bool checkPrimvarList(int numparam, int uniformMax, int varyingMax, int vertexMax, int faceVaryingMax);

            // process the parameterList and call the corresponding Ri_ functions
            // state_hint is used to give hints to allow RiBegin/End to be called
            // -1: begin, 0: process, 1: end
            // basepath is only set at beginning of fileparsing
            std::string process(int state_hint, const char* basepath=NULL);

            typedef std::vector<parameter_t>::const_iterator ParamIterator;
            ParamIterator begin() const { return params.begin(); }
            ParamIterator end() const { return params.end(); }
            size_t size() const { return params.size(); }

            // data
            // the equivalent Ri parameterlist, created by makeRiParamList()
            std::string listname;
            RtToken* tokens;
            RtPointer* parms;
            unsigned int num_riparams;
            unsigned int* array_sizes;
            std::vector<parameter_t> params;
            // this only necessary for C string assignment in makeRiParamList()
            std::vector<std::pair<int, RtString*> > cstrings;

// rib function table for rib parser
typedef void (*RIBFUNC)(unsigned int, parameterList_t&);
struct _ribFunc
      RtToken name;
      RIBFUNC func;
extern _ribFunc ribFuncTable[];




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