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#include <Opcode.h>
using namespace Opcode;

#include "dcAABBCollider.h"
#include "dcOBBCollider.h"

class dcTriListCollider{
      dxGeom* Geometry; // The geom object
      dxTriList* GeomData;    // Buffered pointer to classdata

      struct CollisionTriangle{
            dcPlane Plane;                // The triangleplane
            dcVector3 ClosestPoint; // The closest point to the other object
            const dcVector3* Vertices[3]; // The triangle's vertices
            float DistSq;                 // The squared distance of the closest point to the other object

            dcPlane Edges[3];       // The planes that define the triangle's edges
      dArray<CollisionTriangle> CollisionTriangles;   // Internal buffer

      dContactGeom BoxContacts[3];  // Temporary buffer

      dcAABBTreeCollider AABBCollider;    // Opcode collider
      dcOBBTreeCollider OBBCollider;      // Opcode collider

      OPCODE_Model BVTree;

      dArray<const AABBNoLeafNode*> TCData;     // TC buffer
      dcTriListCollider(dxGeom* Geometry);

      const dcVector3* Vertices;
      const int* Indices;

      void Build(int VertexCount, int IndexCount);

      int CollideBox(dxGeom* Box, int Flags, dContactGeom* Contact, int Stride);
      int CollideSphere(dxGeom* Sphere, int Flags, dContactGeom* Contact, int Stride);
      bool GenerateTC(dxGeom* Object, const CollisionAABB& Box);
      void ClearTC();

      void Callback(dxGeom* Object, dArray<int>& TriIndices);
      bool Valid(dxGeom* Object, int TriIndex);


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