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#include "Primitive.h"

#include "QDRender.h"

// generic parametric primitive
class Parametric : public Primitive
      Parametric& operator=(const Parametric&);
      Parametric(const Parametric& p);
      virtual ~Parametric();
      virtual void post_init() {}
      virtual bool boundable() { return true; }
      virtual Bound bound()=0;
      virtual bool splitable() { return true; }
      virtual void split(const Framework &f, bool usplit, bool vsplit, splitbprims_t* spb=NULL);
      virtual bool diceable(MicroPolygonGrid &g, Hider &h, bool &usplit, bool &vsplit);
      virtual void dice(MicroPolygonGrid &g, bool Pclose=false);
      virtual Parametric* duplicateSelf()=0;
      virtual void get_uvlim(float uvl[4]) const { uvl[0] = umin, uvl[1] = umax, uvl[2] = vmin, uvl[3] = vmax; }
      // mtds
      // previous separate evalfuncs replaced with single function for P, dPdu & dPdv
      virtual void eval(float u, float v, RtPoint P, RtVector dPdu=NULL, RtVector dPdv=NULL) const=0;
      // data
      float umin, umax, vmin, vmax;


#endif // _PARAMETRIC_H

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