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#include "qdVector.h"
#include "Color.h"
#include "ri.h"
#include "qdtl.h"
#include <vector>

#include "QDRender.h"

class Primitive;
class MicroPolygon;
class Camera;

class SlShader;
class MicroPolygonGrid
      MicroPolygonGrid(const MicroPolygonGrid&);
      MicroPolygonGrid& operator=(const MicroPolygonGrid&);

      void setDim(unsigned int _xdim, unsigned int _ydim, const Primitive* _parent);
      void setFrom(const MicroPolygonGrid& mg);
      unsigned int get_xdim() const { return xdim; }
      unsigned int get_ydim() const { return ydim; }
      unsigned int get_nverts() const { return nverts; }
      const Primitive* get_parent() const { return parent; }

      float* addVariable(RtToken name, int grid_element_size=3);
      void deleteVariable(RtToken name);
      float* findVariable(RtToken name);

      void initVars(unsigned int varbits);

      bool isBackfacing();

      bool trim();
      void displace();
      void shade();

      void bust(std::vector<MicroPolygon*> &mplist, bool depthonly=false);

      const Primitive* getParent() const { return parent; }

      // normals/derivatives
      bool calculateNormals(RtNormal* N_grid, const RtPoint* P_grid);
      void DuF(RtFloat* dst_grid, const RtFloat* src_grid);
      void DvF(RtFloat* dst_grid, const RtFloat* src_grid);
      void DuV(RtVector* dst_grid, const RtVector* src_grid);
      void DvV(RtVector* dst_grid, const RtVector* src_grid);
      void DerivF(RtFloat* dst_grid, const RtFloat* num_grid, const RtFloat* den_grid);
      void DerivV(RtVector* dst_grid, const RtVector* num_grid, const RtFloat* den_grid);
      void Area(RtFloat* dst_grid, const RtPoint* P_grid);

      // type of grid, points & curves are special cases, see bust()
      enum {G_NORMAL, G_POINTS, G_CURVES} gtype;

      // this is set to true if Ng was already updated from N in the shader
      // see sl_Calcnormals() in shaderVM.cpp
      bool Ng_updated;

      // mtds
      void bust_points(std::vector<MicroPolygon*> &mplist, bool depthonly);
      void bust_curves(std::vector<MicroPolygon*> &mplist, bool depthonly);
      bool analyticNormals(); // normals from dPdu ^ dPdv
      // data
      unsigned int xdim, ydim;  // Grid dimensions
      unsigned int nverts;      // Total vertices = (xdim+1) * (ydim+1)
      const Primitive *parent;  // Primitive from which we came
      // a linked list with string keys actually is slightly faster than a hashtable in this case,
      // maybe because the list is usually short, not sure
      sklist_t<float*> vertexvars;



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