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btPoint2PointConstraint Class Reference

#include <btPoint2PointConstraint.h>

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Detailed Description

point to point constraint between two rigidbodies each with a pivotpoint that descibes the 'ballsocket' location in local space

Definition at line 37 of file btPoint2PointConstraint.h.

Public Member Functions

 btPoint2PointConstraint (btRigidBody &rbA, const btVector3 &pivotInA)
 btPoint2PointConstraint (btRigidBody &rbA, btRigidBody &rbB, const btVector3 &pivotInA, const btVector3 &pivotInB)
virtual void buildJacobian ()
btScalar getAppliedImpulse ()
btRigidBodygetRigidBodyA ()
const btRigidBodygetRigidBodyA () const
btRigidBodygetRigidBodyB ()
const btRigidBodygetRigidBodyB () const
int getUserConstraintId ()
int getUserConstraintType () const
void setPivotA (const btVector3 &pivotA)
void setPivotB (const btVector3 &pivotB)
void setUserConstraintId (int uid)
void setUserConstraintType (int userConstraintType)
virtual void solveConstraint (btScalar timeStep)
void updateRHS (btScalar timeStep)

Public Attributes

btConstraintSetting m_setting

Protected Attributes

btScalar m_appliedImpulse

Private Attributes

btJacobianEntry m_jac [3]
btVector3 m_pivotInA
btVector3 m_pivotInB

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