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btGeneric6DofConstraint Class Reference

#include <btGeneric6DofConstraint.h>

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Detailed Description

btGeneric6DofConstraint between two rigidbodies each with a pivotpoint that descibes the axis location in local space btGeneric6DofConstraint can leave any of the 6 degree of freedom 'free' or 'locked' Work in progress (is still a Hinge actually)

Definition at line 30 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

Public Member Functions

 btGeneric6DofConstraint (btRigidBody &rbA, btRigidBody &rbB, const btTransform &frameInA, const btTransform &frameInB)
virtual void buildJacobian ()
btScalar computeAngle (int axis) const
btScalar getAppliedImpulse ()
btRigidBodygetRigidBodyA ()
const btRigidBodygetRigidBodyA () const
btRigidBodygetRigidBodyB ()
const btRigidBodygetRigidBodyB () const
int getUserConstraintId ()
int getUserConstraintType () const
bool isLimited (int limitIndex)
void setAngularLowerLimit (const btVector3 &angularLower)
void setAngularUpperLimit (const btVector3 &angularUpper)
void SetLimit (int axis, btScalar lo, btScalar hi)
void setLinearLowerLimit (const btVector3 &linearLower)
void setLinearUpperLimit (const btVector3 &linearUpper)
void setUserConstraintId (int uid)
void setUserConstraintType (int userConstraintType)
virtual void solveConstraint (btScalar timeStep)
void updateRHS (btScalar timeStep)

Protected Attributes

btScalar m_appliedImpulse

Private Member Functions

btGeneric6DofConstraintoperator= (btGeneric6DofConstraint &other)

Private Attributes

btScalar m_accumulatedImpulse [6]
btTransform m_frameInA
btTransform m_frameInB
btJacobianEntry m_jacAng [3]
btJacobianEntry m_jacLinear [3]
btScalar m_lowerLimit [6]
btScalar m_upperLimit [6]

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