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svq1_cb.h File Reference

Detailed Description

svq1 code books.

Definition in file svq1_cb.h.

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static const int8_t svq1_inter_codebook_4x2 [768]
static const int8_t svq1_inter_codebook_4x4 [1536]
static const int8_t svq1_inter_codebook_8x4 [3072]
static const int8_t svq1_inter_codebook_8x8 [6144]
static const int8_t svq1_inter_codebook_sum [4][16 *6]
static const int8_t *const svq1_inter_codebooks [6]
static const int8_t svq1_intra_codebook_4x2 [768]
static const int8_t svq1_intra_codebook_4x4 [1536]
static const int8_t svq1_intra_codebook_8x4 [3072]
static const int8_t svq1_intra_codebook_8x8 [6144]
static const int8_t svq1_intra_codebook_sum [4][16 *6]
static const int8_t *const svq1_intra_codebooks [6]

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