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btBroadphaseProxy Struct Reference

#include <btBroadphaseProxy.h>

Inherited by btAxisSweep3::Handle, and btSimpleBroadphaseProxy.

List of all members.

Detailed Description


Definition at line 65 of file btBroadphaseProxy.h.

Public Types

enum  CollisionFilterGroups {
  DefaultFilter = 1, StaticFilter = 2, KinematicFilter = 4, DebrisFilter = 8,
  SensorTrigger = 16, AllFilter = DefaultFilter | StaticFilter | KinematicFilter | DebrisFilter | SensorTrigger
 optional filtering to cull potential collisions

Public Member Functions

 btBroadphaseProxy (void *userPtr, short int collisionFilterGroup, short int collisionFilterMask)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isCompound (int proxyType)
static bool isConcave (int proxyType)
static bool isConvex (int proxyType)
static bool isInfinite (int proxyType)
static bool isPolyhedral (int proxyType)

Public Attributes

void * m_clientObject
short int m_collisionFilterGroup
short int m_collisionFilterMask

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