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MotionEstContext Struct Reference

#include <mpegvideo.h>

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Detailed Description

Motion estimation context.

Definition at line 212 of file mpegvideo.h.

Public Attributes

int best_bits
uint8_t * best_mb
int co_located_mv [4][2]
 mv from last p frame for direct mode ME
uint8_t * current_mv_penalty
int dia_size
int direct_basis_mv [4][2]
int flags
op_pixels_func(* hpel_avg )[4]
op_pixels_func(* hpel_put )[4]
uint32_t * map
 map to avoid duplicate evaluations
int map_generation
int mb_flags
int mb_penalty_factor
int mb_var_sum_temp
int mc_mb_var_sum_temp
uint8_t(* mv_penalty )[MAX_MV *2+1]
 amount of bits needed to encode a MV
int penalty_factor
int pre_pass
 = 1 for the pre pass
int pre_penalty_factor
int pred_x
int pred_y
qpel_mc_func(* qpel_avg )[16]
qpel_mc_func(* qpel_put )[16]
uint8_t * ref [4][4]
int scene_change_score
uint32_t * score_map
 map to store the scores
uint8_t * scratchpad
 data area for the me algo, so that the ME doesnt need to malloc/free
int skip
 set if ME is skipped for the current MB
uint8_t * src [4][4]
int stride
int sub_flags
int(* sub_motion_search )(struct MpegEncContext *s, int *mx_ptr, int *my_ptr, int dmin, int src_index, int ref_index, int size, int h)
int sub_penalty_factor
uint8_t * temp
uint8_t * temp_mb [2]
int uvstride
int xmax
int xmin
int ymax
int ymin

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