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void FTFont::Render ( const char *  string  )  [virtual, inherited]

Render a string of characters

string 'C' style string to be output.

Reimplemented in FTGLBitmapFont, FTGLBufferFont, FTGLOutlineFont, FTGLPixmapFont, and FTGLTextureFont.

Definition at line 226 of file FTFont.cpp.

References FTFont::DoRender(), FTFont::pen, FTPoint::x, and FTPoint::y.

Referenced by FTF_TTFont::DrawString(), FTGLTextureFont::Render(), FTGLPixmapFont::Render(), FTGLBitmapFont::Render(), FTGLOutlineFont::Render(), and FTGLBufferFont::Render().

    const unsigned char* c = (unsigned char*)string;
    pen.x = 0; pen.y = 0;

    while( *c)
        DoRender( *c, *(c + 1));

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