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AC3DecodeState Struct Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

liba52 - Copyright (C) Aaron Holtzman released under the GPL license.

Definition at line 37 of file a52dec.c.

Public Attributes

int(* a52_block )(a52_state_t *state)
void(* a52_dynrng )(a52_state_t *state, sample_t(*call)(sample_t, void *), void *data)
int(* a52_frame )(a52_state_t *state, uint8_t *buf, int *flags, sample_t *level, sample_t bias)
void(* a52_free )(a52_state_t *state)
a52_state_t *(* a52_init )(uint32_t mm_accel)
sample_t *(* a52_samples )(a52_state_t *state)
int(* a52_syncinfo )(uint8_t *buf, int *flags, int *sample_rate, int *bit_rate)
int channels
int flags
int frame_size
void * handle
uint8_t inbuf [4096]
uint8_t * inbuf_ptr
sample_t * samples
ac3_state_t state
a52_state_t * state

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